RecyclageVR, the app that teaches good waste sorting habits in virtual reality

According to Cite, 51% of French households systematically sort their household packaging and 89% do so regularly. This represents an average of 54 kg of sorted packaging per inhabitant and per year, and 2.2 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions avoided (2021 figures). Of course, not all packaging is equal when it comes to recycling (only 30% for plastic, but 72% for paper/cardboard and 88% for glass), and a high rate of recovered waste (including incineration) continues from available industrial processes. , but this ecological gesture seems to be taking place.

That said, despite the communication from municipalities or the simplification of sorting, some are still hesitant when it comes to sorting their waste into colored bins. Especially when specific waste is added, such as electronics, metals or even expired medicines. That is why Vrai Studio has developed RecyclageVR thanks to the Unity engine, a fun tool to learn the classification of waste highlighted during the European Waste Reduction Week (SERD), which will take place from 19 to 27 November.

Dive in to learn better

Kévin Mazars, founder of Vrai Studio, seized the opportunity presented by an ecological event organized by the Great Albigensian Union and immediately saw the potential of virtual reality to offer a new approach. His credo? Benjamin Franklin’s maxim: “Tell me, I forget. You teach me, I remember. You involve me, I learn.” Given the anticipation of its prototype, Vrai Studio has decided to make RecyclageVR a more advanced app to adapt it to the needs of communities, schools and companies that want to raise awareness of the problem of recycling. of waste.

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The immersion provided by the experience allows for better retention of information and makes the user directly involved in his learning, involving him more in mobilization.explains Kevin Mazars. “With more than 300 wastes available – including hazardous, sharp or toxic items that only VR can safely handle – and up to eight bins active simultaneously and all customizable, the experience adapts to all needs and can provide each user with targeted and accurate learning”, says True Studio. Added to this is a whole statistics section and explanations of errors made by the user during sorting.

A personalized and accompanied experience

Personalization of the experience is a key point because, as Kévin Mazars explains to us: “We ended up removing the information collection for ranking guidelines because we realized that even market specialists don’t know the full recommendations for each municipality. Instead, we focused on developing a fully configurable and adaptable tool.”

Another difficulty, less obvious to overlook, has to do with training the people brought in to use the app, given that virtual reality is still a new field for many French people. Note that in addition to the VR version, the app is available in a tactile version, easier to understand by the younger audience, under 12 years old. “The touch table brings a playful side to a group with a strong motivation from imitation for the younger ones, or from the desire to succeed as a team”Kévin Mazars tells us.

Multiplayer soon?

At the moment, RecyclageVR is reserved for eco-animations that can take place in communities, during trade fairs or workshops organized in companies or schools. The app requires the presence of a trained facilitator capable of creating the experience and supporting the user. However, Vrai Studio tells us that it already has some ideas to improve its creation in the future.

“We’re hoping to be able to develop a multiplayer mode to host shared virtual ranking sessions, or even small ranking competitions. We are also thinking about a consumer version that can be used at home with their own personal virtual reality headset, but we will wait to test the interest of the public to see if they might be interested in a more complete game about recycling. “concludes Kévin Mazars.

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