Number 1 in internet security, this antivirus is the fear of cybercriminals 😱

For Black Friday, Bitdefender offers an unforgettable offer on its antivirus. Thanks to discounts of up to -70%, you can afford the services of one of the best players on the market in terms of cyber security.

For Black Friday, Bitdefender offers three low-cost plans, with a free 30-day trial period whichever you choose. If you want to protect your computer as effectively as possible, then you should turn to the Bitdefender solution. Thanks to the latter, you will be able to avoid and prevent cyber attacks, phishing attempts and other types of threats that abound on the web.

In these times it is better to have good antivirus software. Bitdefender’s is definitely one of the best options available to you. For Black Friday, Bitdefender therefore offers very good discounts on his antivirus. All the advantages of Bitdefender at a low price. Also, if you have a mobile device, you can also install the antivirus on it.

Indeed, Bitdefender solutions are compatible with a multitude of devices. Windows, Mac and even on iOS and Android mobile devices. In detail, these are the three subscriptions that are subject to this ultra-generous discount.

  • Antivirus Plus : 3 Windows devices for €12 instead of €39.99
  • Total security : 5 Windows, macOS, iOS/Android devices for €25.50 instead of €84.99
  • Internet security : 3 Windows devices for €19.49 instead of €64.99

To access the full Bitdefender antivirus range, it’s here:

I take advantage of Bitdefender’s offers

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Bitdefender Total Security, the most complete protection

As we said, you are spoiled for choice in Bitdefender. That said, the most important offering in our opinion is Bitdefender Total Security. The latter includes protection for all your devices (Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android). In fact, this formula offers a large number of security-related features allowing you to secure several devices at once (up to 5 devices).

The Antivirus Plus package focuses only on Windows computers. Finally, the latest offering, Bitdefender Internet Security, focuses on advanced protection for Windows, with the possibility of extending it to three devices. By choosing one of the Bitdefender solutions, you choose the reliability and experience of a leading player in cyber security worldwide.

Moreover, no less than 500 million users trust it to protect their computers and mobile devices. As a result, Bitdefender benefits from a virtuous circle, which allows it to spot any malicious script in its network and deliver a strong response. Its antivirus also includes multi-layer protection that effectively protects your files, photos and videos stored on your computer.

Bitdefender also offers a special tool against phishing attempts. The antivirus relies on an intelligent system capable of recognizing objectionable websites. When it has identified them, it blocks them so they can no longer try to steal your sensitive data. If you often shop online, you are unknowingly a potential target for cybercriminals.

To avoid being scammed, Bitdefender protects your payments to eliminate any risk of fraud. And if you want the maximum level of security, you can turn to the Bitdefender VPN service. The latter allows you to maintain your anonymity when surfing the Internet, even when you are surfing from a public Wi-Fi connection.

Bitdefender Antivirus, is able to automatically detect what you use your computer for. Thus, the latter knows whether you are working, watching a movie or playing your favorite game. In this way, it sets the right protection according to your activity. You can focus on what’s really important.

Overall, Bitdefender is the best cyber security solution on the market. Complete, effective, it becomes extremely affordable with the current Black Friday promotion.

To discover Bitdefender’s special offer, it’s here:

I take advantage of Bitdefender’s offers

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