Learn from online entertainment to engage a community

Recently, online platforms have become part of the habits and customs of millions of Internet users every day. They relate to a large number of fields with the added bonus of entertainment-related ones that are popular with the public at the present time.

It must be said that their number has simply exploded in recent years and that entertainment can be experienced mainly online for many generations with different interests.

According to the same principle, social networks also follow the same codes and in their management it can be of great interest to use the experience offered by entertainment platforms or any other area present online.

What are the ways trends implemented by these platforms? How can social media management be improved through these same habits?

In order to make a new community flourish or simply to maintain one, there are many ideas to get within these platforms…

Source: Pexel – Always be up to date

Loyalty related to the online casino world

Like video games and its various online platforms, the virtual casino world has simply seen its numbers explode since the democratization of web entertainment. It is also one of its forerunners and will no doubt be followed systematically to understand current trends.

For several years and this famous explosion within the world of entertainment, everyone knows the various advantages that these platforms bring such as Wildz, but they are not only useful for this. They can also offer real advice and inspiration for other areas, including community management.

When it comes to customer retention, no one does it better than the online casino world. The integration of new technologies such as virtual reality or the addition of free content open to all attracts an increasing number of players every day, maintaining the most loyal ones. How? By rewarding and offering bonuses or positive points of all kinds to those who have been present for a long time and often.

Without exploding a advertising budget and expanding a community, things like that are easily transposable to a Facebook page or an Instagram community.

Creating groups within the community

Just because everyone shares a common interest or the same banner doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to perfect the community even more. In online games or directly on the kind of entertainment platforms like those mentioned here, it is possible create discussion groups or interaction.

This can logically in social networks, allow the creation of audiences and interactions. Discussions in open or closed groups foster a sense of belonging and within the framework of social networks and community managementit is no longer necessary to explain how advantageous this can be.

Organize special events

This has been seen in abundance with PokémonGo in recent years. The compelling web-platform of video games created in recent months with a major integration of new technologies is, it seems, the perfect example of bringing a community together.

Anything seems possible these days and what might have been considered rational a few years ago is well and truly over. New norms are present and when players, Internet users or members of a community have a real phenomenon of addiction and a certain entertainment associated with a group, it is possible to think too much.

Therefore, the PokémonGo mobile game was proof of this with demonstrations in the world’s largest cities attracting sometimes individually, hundreds of thousands of players at a time. The idea of ​​a special and unique event makes it easily transposable to other companies and organizations present on social networks.

Trends follow each other
Source: Pexel – Trends follow each other

Keep responding to requests and following trends

On TikTok, Instagram or Twitter, every day has its new trend and sometimes it can be extremely difficult to follow everything. That too community managers the smartest sometimes slip up, but once againthis is a fun platform comparison not to be underestimated.

Whether they are noble, substantial or uninteresting, any trend can be a solution to highlight your brand image or the thing you want to promote within your online community.

Online platforms do not hesitate to jump on board with any new trend and thus systematically push the competition to do the same. As a result, clicks, again and again!

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