Fourth National Video Game Conservatory Symposium: “Writing and Video Games”

The 4th CNJV Symposium will be held on Saturday 17 December 2022 in Paris

After a hiatus related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the National Video Game Conservatory is hosting its 4th national end-of-year conference on December 17, 2022. Intended for the professional community, video game enthusiasts, and advocacy video game archives, will be held in the auditorium of the e-artsup school (Paris).

Type in video games. Write about video games.

Having first looked at the stakes of video game heritage preservation, then the evolution of video game professions over the past three conferences, this new edition will focus on the place of writing. Writing in video games. Writing about video games. “This symposium will focus as much on the issue of text in games (scripting, dialogue, interactive narration, etc.) as on that of publications about video games since their origin: zines, newspapers, books, theses, etc.” says Bertrand Brocard, President of CNJV.

In the program: 3 round tables, 4 mini-conferences, 24 speakers

More than 200 professionals and enthusiasts will meet and discuss during this day accompanied mainly by 3 round tables and 4 mini-conferences, during which 24 experts in the field will intervene. Authors, researchers, journalists, game designers, screenwriters and archivists will follow each other to bring their vision, their comments on writing in video games from yesterday to today and to discuss with the participants. You will also be able to discover on the spot new, more or less recent publications about video games and some parts of the Conservatory’s documentary collections.

Preserving the Memory of Video Game Creation in France

Video games are a young industry, but already in their fifties. Very dynamic, in France and abroad, this industry did not have a worthy memory of what this new culture represents. That is why, since 2016, CNJV has wanted to bring together industrial and personal collections to preserve, archive, facilitate their study and improvement. It’s about better understanding the evolutions of the video game sector both technologically and in terms of creativity and design, but also to get into the details of the processes and techniques that have made it possible to create video games since the ancient days of Pong to today’s virtual reality.


9:00 a.m. – Doors open

9:30 – Welcome participants
Nicolas Becqueret, Managing Director of e-artsup

09:35 – Back to the future: News from the conservatory
Bertrand Brocard, President of CNJV

9:50 a.m. – Speech by partners
Breakfast moderated by Jean Zeid (journalist)

10:00am – Breakout #1: Writing in video games is a script!
Hubert Chardot, Screenwriter (cinema, Only in the dark), trainer
Nicolas Szilas, Lecturer-Researcher (University of Geneva)

10:30 – Round table no. 1: Is there any grammar specific to video games?
Moderator: Fanny Barnabé, Teacher-Researcher (Epitech)
Sébastien Genvo, professor and writer (University of Lorraine)
Alice Dionnet, PhD student in comparative literature (University of Orléans)
Raphaël Lucas, video game journalist and writer

11:45 – Breakout #2: Introduction to the written archive in video game research
Chairman BnF

12:00 PM – Intervention #3: A writer’s perspective
Cédric Degottex, Writer and translator

12:30 – Break – Free lunch

2:00 pm – Round Table #2: From the Blank Page to Narrative Logorhea
Moderator: Guillaume Montagnon, Author
Isaac Pante, lecturer and writer (University of Lausanne)
Patrick Hellio, journalist specializing in video games
Laurent Cluzel, Designer, graphic designer and trainer
Laurent Gontier, researcher and associate artist

15:15 – Intervention #4: Prehistory of the micro press
Jacques Harbonn, journalist
Jean Kaminsky, press editor
David Téné, editor
Stéphane Lavoisard, Editorial Director

4:00 pm – Break

16:30 – Round table no. 3: Testing, critiquing: the challenges of writing about video games
Moderator: Yves Breem, Author
Nicolas Deneschau, Author
Boris Krywicki, journalist and trainer (University of Liège)
Pierre Trouvé, journalist (Le Monde)

17:45 – Conclusion of the colloquium, call to action

18:00 – 19:00 – Let’s chat over a drink!

Useful information

The 4th CNJV colloquium will be held on Saturday, December 17, 2022.

e-artsup school – Auditorium
95 Avenue Parmentier
75011 Paris

Doors open at 9am.

Access to the symposium is free with the possibility of making a donation to contribute to the actions carried out by the CNJV.

Online registration is mandatory via the CNJV website: recording

View or review the proceedings of the 3rd Video Game Memory Colloquium (2019)

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