Crypto, NFT, blockchain – Web 3 lures according to this KuCoin study

The well-known Kucoin exchange atcryptoecosystemhas just published the results of a study on people’s appetite for work in Web 3performed on more than 3500 people.

Web 3, huge potential growth

In this survey entitled ” Web Journey 3: A Global Study of the Future of Work » which can be translated as « Journey to Web 3, a global study on the future of work », Kucoin looked at respondents’ desire and perception, versus Web 3.

Before we go any further, let’s do a quick overview of the trades and skills currently found on Web 3. Sectors such as cryptocurrencies, metaversethey NFTDeFi in general, the development of centralized or decentralized applications, the creation of websites or trading platforms (Dex and Cex) are integral parts of what is generally called Web3.

Out of 3,608 respondents (via Twitter and Linkedin), it turns out that more than half want to work in what is called Web3.

Beyond the purely technical aspect of this ecosystem, the survey determines which elements are attractive. The most attractive points that come out the most in the survey are:

  • of Room for potential growth of the Internet ecosystem 3which is still in its infancy.
  • L’technical and human innovation that hides behind and that only wants to be expressed.
  • of work flexibility the opportunity to adapt work to one’s life and not the other way around is offered

Careers in this field seem to interest mostly young people, almost 60% respondents who already work in equivalent jobs are under 30 years old. And, more than half of respondents say they are satisfied with their current career in the industry.

Among these 3608 people, only 24% have worked full-time in the so-called “classic” industry. For others, it was casual, through part-time contracts, or as freelancers.
Nearly 55% of respondents are Web 3 enthusiasts. They have never worked in this ecosystem before, but dream of doing so.

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And the women in all this?

According to the report Kucoin, the players of the sector are mostly men, but women are not far behind! 33% of them consider the culture of “brother” (brother, brother) as an obstacle, especially for integration.
Lack of educational resources is also a major issue for women’s engagement in the Web 3 field.

Web 3 is also of interest to women

In general, women would be more interested in the technical aspect than in investing. 27% of them, who are already working on Web 3, are involved in starting projects. The percentage of men, 41%, remains higher, according to the results of the study.

Whether you are a man or a woman, don’t doubt yourself! If the desire to change your life and work onweb ecosystem 3 that you care start ! Read articles and books, watch videos, educate yourself. Then you can try your luck in this world that is still learning to walk. Help him run.

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