After the ban on Canal +, the program “The Butterfly Effect” wants to be reborn online.

The “butterfly effect” wants to be reborn from its ashes. Four years after the sudden discontinuation of this international reporting program on Canal+, the Capa agency (Newen group), which produced the program for 12 years, intends to restart it, but this time only online. The call for donations was made this Tuesday, November 15 on the KissKissBankBank platform for a period of one month.

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“We’ve seen the success of online entities continue”

The goal: to get €100,000 to allow the funding of six new reports and to give a new impetus to the brand “The Butterfly Effect” which has never really gone away in recent years, as noted by Anthony Orliange, co-editor with Franck Duprat. “When the ‘Butterfly Effect’ ended, the Capa agency negotiated with Canal+ to retain ownership of the show’s concept and title. We looked for another transmitter, but that didn’t work. And at the same time, we’ve seen the success of online themes continue“, he recalls. In fact, the “Butterfly Effect” community is strong today with more than a million people, all platforms combined (Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat). The account launched on TikTok last week already has more than 40,000 subscribers.

So many arguments that convinced the two editors, already in charge at the time of Canal +, to restart the concept by being their broadcasters this time, thanks to the platforms. “The idea of ​​this call for donations is to mobilize our community“, summarizes Anthony Orliange. About 20,000 euros are needed to finance a report of the “Butterfly Effect”. At the rate of six planned subjects, there will remain a shortfall of 20,000 euros that the Capa team hopes to fill thanks to future publicity. generated from these reports.

A dive into the United States to begin

Journalist Gary Grabli is already in the United States to take an interest in the repression of women by anti-abortion activists. He also planned to shoot a theme on organized safaris in Texas with big cats imported from Africa or the return of censorship in American public libraries. The other two journalists, Eve Mazet and Elisa Hélain, are already ready to leave for the field, respectively in Sweden and Latin America. “The characteristic of the “Butterfly Effect” is to go to places of the world where no one goes” the co-editor underlines. With a redesigned script to fit the characteristics of each platform. “Journalists will embody their subject even more“, promises Anthony Orliange.

Capa Agency has already advanced the necessary budget for these reports. It is therefore a financial gamble, with the risk that the fundraising campaign will not meet expectations. “If the amount is not reached, it will be more complicated for the future“, knows Anthony Orliange. But it takes more to discourage us…”. The future business model will be based on ads generated by the platform. “Maybe we will find a distributor in the future?“, the manager begins to dream.

The first report will be posted online before the end of the year. The whole team now relies on word of mouth about it”restart the reporting machineEven if it means asking for a friendly little message from the show’s former incarnation Victor Robert and Daphné Roulier…

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