why the “Eleven All Stars” football match is controversial among broadcasters

This soccer match hosted by French and Spanish broadcasters unleashes the passions of internet users in both countries. But with enthusiasm, part of it is controversy.

It’s an event broadcast enthusiasts can’t wait for: “Eleven All Stars,” a soccer match between France and Spain. This is not a match in the game FIFA but from a very real opposition, at the Stade Jean Bouin in Paris, on Saturday 19 November at 20:30.

And the meet isn’t just an opportunity to put on a show in a 19,000-seat stadium and in front of thousands of people on Twitch. This is a real showdown between the French and Spanish broadcasters, best enemies for several months.

But beyond the competition, this match brings to the center of the table the issue of sexism in the world of streaming, as well as the harassment suffered by those who try to fix it.

100% male teams

Whether on the side of France or on the side of Spain, one word: no women in the ranks of the two teams. While Squeezie’s GP Explorer would have been able to welcome a few female broadcasters (only three out of 22 entrants), Eleven All Stars will have an all-male workforce.

Among the tricolors, we will thus find Michou, Inoxtag or even Amine, all overseen by Kameto and Said of Pieds Carrés. For the Iberians, we will especially find Ibain at the controls and Rubius in the field, videographers who had caused a lot of talk about them during the pixel war last April.

And as soon as the French team was revealed, comments came out to denounce the lack of women to take part in this match.

And this lack of content creators raises questions about how the French internet environment tends to evolve from year to year. Controversies and stages of bullying are now frequent on social networks, from Twitter to Twitch to Discord.

Bullying, the only solution?

Some broadcasters are indeed often accused of misogyny. And some are among the names present in the list of 21 players selected to participate in the “Eleven All Stars”. The problem highlighted by Ponce, the French streamer with 800,000 subscribers on Twitch.

In a tweet citing the French team’s announcement, Ponce denounced the presence of people considered problematic in the French internet sphere. “After the call for help from some broadcasters, it hurts,” he added.

No name was given by Ponce in his tweet, but it is enough to look at the comments and messages related to the conversation to understand that he is talking about Pfut, a French broadcaster specializing in football. Some netizens blame Pfut, among other things, for his numerous sexist jokes as well as his relationship with a minor.

Pfut is also accustomed to attacks, whether under the guise of humor or not, on the Ultia broadcaster. This has become more of a collateral damage of the controversy with Ponce and The Eleven all stars. For several days, she and Ponce were trending on Twitter, receiving insults, “jokes” and other disparaging comments.

But Pfut is not the only broadcaster troubled by accusations of harassment or misogyny. Yass, another Eleven All Stars contestant, has been singled out several times for demeaning posts against women.

Amine, at the behest of Eleven All Stars, however attempted to explain in a live Twitch video the lack of women at his event.

If I invite a girl, I want to put her in the best mood. I don’t want to shoot a girl, in a big field where there will be, I don’t know how many sharp guys.

Repeated accusations

In recent weeks, the topic of broadcaster harassment has gained momentum, with the rants of many protagonists in between. Maghla, one of the most famous broadcasters in France, was the initiator of the movement. In particular, she despised the comments and content she received.

Fake nude photos, rape threats, misogynistic insults… The types of harassment from anonymous (or not) Internet users are diverse and have become legion in the daily lives of broadcasters.

Beyond the people present in the “Eleven All Stars” team, other broadcasters’ names appear regularly in cases of harassment or other more serious facts. This is especially the case of Sardoche, 1.3 million subscribers on Twitch, accused of having an affair with a 16-year-old girl when he was 24.

Sardoche was also illustrated by his reaction when his partner told him that they had followed him on the street. “Well, maybe he was in a hurry,” he replied, then live on Twitch playing chess, very little bothered by his wife’s concern.

Inside the male self, teasing to avoid repeated questions and controversies: “Eleven All Stars” crystallizes a lot of anger. It remains to be seen whether sports comments or criticism will have priority on social networks this November 19.

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