Which internet box for football fans?

An SFR subscription

The SFR operator offers football fans a very attractive online formula to fully live their passion. Actually it is one free online offer which includes access to broadband and sports channels.
Patrick Drahi’s team called it Box Power. It is a 4K/UHD TV box which definitely gives you the right to RMC SPORT and beIN SPORT channels.

As a result, you have all European competitions: from the Champions League to the Europa League through Ligue 1 Uber Eats. This kit is available in ADSL version and fiber optic mode. To benefit from this technology, you only need to pay €26 per month
for 1 year. At the end of this term, your monthly investment amounts to €43 per month. The speeds offered are also among the best solutions available in the market.

Bouygues Bbox

The Bouygues Telecom group offers you formulas proportional to your needs and of course to your budget. The various sports channels that allow you to watch your football programs are included in the Bbox offers. At €26.99, every four weeks for 12 months, football comes easily to your screens. Your subscription then changes to €36.99 per month. However, the operator offers specific offers to access certain sports channels.

In fact, with the Bouygues Telecom Bbox, it is possible to watch ten beIN SPORT channels. This service costs only €14.99 per month and without obligation. However, this provider is compatible with Canal + offers. This is the most complete offer on the market giving access to beIN, Canal +, Eurosport and more. A monthly expense of €34.99 is required for such a subscription with a 12-month contract.

Orange Livebox offer

The Orange Group offers soccer enthusiasts an online service called Livebox. The good news with this box is that it is currently available on sale for €22.99 per month. However, this attractive formula ends on November 16, 2022. At the end of the promo, you will have to pay €36.99 per month. For now, take advantage of this bargain to watch your favorite matches via ADSL or fiber optic.

On the other hand, with fiber optics, your wallet will have to cope a monthly expense of €41.99. In addition, the operator offers its customers other equally interesting boxes. These are the Sports Max pack and the Intense pack. In any case, whatever the choice, Orange requires no commitment and authorizes termination at any time. However, if you want to access beIN Sport with your Box, you only have to pay €15 per month.

Formula Freebox Revolution

Thanks to the Freebox Revolution box set, go online to follow your football matches €19.99 per month for a year. This offer is valid if it is an ADSL or fiber optic connection. When it expires, this service goes to €44.99 followed by a 12-month commitment.

To give a wide opportunity, Xavier Niel’s team decided to issue an additional offer. It is about the television package from Canal Panorama with an additional €2. Therefore, now there are 50 channels with exciting programs that are within your reach. These include Eurosport, Infosport+, Onzeo, OLTV and OMTV. However, if you want to use Canal+ stations to complete Freebox Revolution, know that this is possible for €45.99 per month. In fact, apart from football channels, you have other lines that allow you to experience other sports activities exclusively.

Which ISP to choose?

You have just realized that the boxes offered by the main operators in France have essentially the same characteristics. Better, to take a closer look, they all give access to beIN Sport channels or even Canal + to have a more complete offer. In this regard, whether you have to make a choice depends on what you want. This includes:
– very high speed access (optical fiber);
– a good ADSL connection;

– a high quality network;
– effective televised soccer services.

In fact, taking the example of very high speed, the providers that lend themselves best to it are Bouygues and Free. The Orange Group closes the podium for this offer. As for the ADSL connection, Bouygues, Orange and SFR seem to be the best. As for the stability and high quality of the grid, you have to rely on SFR and Bouygues to get it.

What are the criteria to choose an internet service provider?

Although the choice of carrier depends on your needs, it is important to consider some parameters before signing up for an offer. The most important are:

– subscription price;
– services provided;
– applied technology;
– connection speed
– and the quality of the box.
However, if you are having trouble getting through, use comparisons which are very helpful.

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