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of virtual reality entertainment holoride comes on board some Audi vehicles (Audi A4, IN 5, A6A7, A8, P5, P7Q7, P8, Audi e-tron, Audi e-tron Sportback, Audi e-tron GT).

Optional holoride package associates a ROOM of virtual reality to a CAR moving. By synchronizing the vehicle’s motion data with dynamic augmented reality content, the Pioneers Pack turns the vehicle into a mobile theme park.

Passengers are introduced to a variety of games and apps that use all the live information from the car to bring content to life in a paradigm called “Elastic Content.”

Combining the immersive qualities of virtual reality with real-time vehicle data, Holoride Entertainment is a virtual space on the move.

Through Motorverse, passengers can enjoy interactive, passive content that reacts to both them and the car’s movement.

“Despite amazing advances in technology automobile Over the past few decades, the passenger experience and in-vehicle entertainment have remained largely the same.” says Nils Wollny, CEO and co-founder of holoride.

“With the launch of holoride, we’re not only improving the passenger experience, we’re redefining the way you spend your time on the move. I’m excited that our users can finally enjoy the thrills of the Motorverse for themselves.”

Integration of holoride in Audi cars comes from a shared history with the German premium car maker.

Since 2019, Audi and holoride have presented their partnership in various casesincluding at CES 2019, IAA Mobility 2021 and SXSW 2022.

“By integrating holoride into our models, we are redefining in-car entertainment,” said Giorgio Delucchi, Head of Digital and Business Experience at Audi. “By combining real-time vehicle data and virtual content, we are creating a completely new customer experience. An essential part of vehicle digitization is transforming the interior into a third living space. In this space very personal, life and work come together. holoride is another milestone in our roadmap.”

At launch, Holoride users will be able to immerse themselves in Cloudbreakers: Leaving Haven from Schell Games, the studio that brought Among Us to virtual reality. It was produced in partnership with Superconductor, the creative agency founded by Hollywood talents Justin Lin (Fast & Furious franchise) and Anthony and Joe Russo (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

The Russo brothers also served as creative advisors for Holoride. Brent Friedman and Jeremy Breslau, two screenwriters of the film, television series, and video game franchises, wrote the Cloudbreakers universe and story. Relying on Holoride’s Elastic Content, players guide Dev, his cleaning robot Skyjack and IONE through the hostile skies of Stratus, collecting scrap and destroying AI guards as they travel to their current destination.

Besides bringing excitement to passenger journeys, holoride entertainment provides a comfortable experience for users. Cases of motion sickness are reduced through the use of steering, braking and acceleration data to match what users see on the headset with what they feel at near zero latency outside the Motorverse.

Pioneers’ Pack holoride entertainment is available in Germany at PRICE from 699 euros at shop.holoride.

Pioneers’ Holoride Package includes:

HTC Vive Flow VR Glasses
A compatible Bluetooth controller: 8BitDo Pro 2
A seat belt
A one-year subscription to Holoride (required to be able to use Holoride)

After the first year, Holoride Entertainment subscriptions are available for a monthly payment (€19.99 per month), an annual initial payment (€14.99 per month) or an annual upfront payment (equivalent to €14.99 in months).

both options provide access to the Holoride games and entertainment catalog.

Holoride entertainment will initially be available in Germany, moving to the US in early 2023 and the European and Asian markets later this year.

Holoride Entertainment connects real-time augmented reality (XR) content with motion- and location-sensitive vehicle data, such as physical feedback and navigation, to create hyper-immersive XR experiences for passengers. With Holoride, the Metaverse becomes the Motorverse, with users enjoying the power and potential of an immersive Web3 experience with them on the go. At the center of it all is Ride, Holoride’s cryptocurrency, which is designed to supercharge the content ecosystem, drive engagement and create value for all users. Ride Token Connect Builders automobilescontent creators, brands and passengers for an unprecedented economy on board.

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