Promising cryptos for the end of 2022

In 2022, cryptocurrencies will have experienced difficult times. After we had a good first quarter, the bad news piled up, even leading to the bankruptcy of several companies that we believed to be strong. However, the market has stabilized for several weeks and optimism seems to have returned. The opportunity for us to reveal our selection of promising cryptocurrencies at the end of the year.

Dash 2 Trade: the crypto project of the year?

Dash 2 Trade stands out from the competition by offering an innovative concept within Web3 and its focus on professional trading, making it our #1 pick among cryptocurrencies that are ready to explode.

Because of its range of tools, but also because of the diversification of its activities, we found this project to be particularly promising. Anyone can buy D2T token whether you are traders, investors or even crypto beginners.

Dash 2 Trade has all the keys to be a successful cryptocurrency end of 2022. This should be possible thanks to its large community, a utility code, a strong white paper and a well-balanced roadmap. perfect.

As we told you a few weeks ago, the project launched its pre-sale that broke all records from the first days. Indeed, the project raised $500,000 in the first few days. acting for the environment’s latest projects aim to empower investors to take action for our planet and the environment by producing a carbon neutral impact. The project is open to all types of investors, organizations or individuals, allowing as many people as possible to contribute to CO2 reduction.

The project proposes the purchase of carbon credits, which will be received in the form of NFT. They can also be purchased by partner sellers and a certain percentage of sales profits will be accumulated on the platform in the form of IMPT tokens.

IMPT has partnered with over 10,000 retailers and brands – many of which are globally recognized market leaders – and maintains a carbon offset report to encourage users to do more.

The project is based on blockchain technology, which prevents fraud and guarantees complete transparency.

IMPT launched a presale in early October after the initial development of the platform and raised $8 million in just three weeks. This level of investor demand and the continued expansion of Impact Project’s affiliate network provides a solid foundation for IMPT to achieve significant post-launch benefits.

From October 25 (when the first phase of the presale ended and the project raised $10.8 million), the second phase of the presale began. Impact Tokens are now on sale at $0.023 each – the price of the asset is expected to increase further in the upcoming Phase 3 update.

How to find the right crypto for the end of the year?

If there was a good strategy to find cryptocurrencies that are going to explode, it would be very simple. Here are some tips for finding interesting coins:

  • Analyze if there are large investors in the project.
  • Choose projects with low capital.
  • Follow the news.
  • Find useful cryptocurrencies.
  • Check if the cryptocurrency is listed on any exchange.

When you think you’ve found a cryptocurrency that’s going to blow up, there’s always the risk that it won’t. For this reason, it is advisable not to invest all your funds in the same cryptocurrency. Diversifying your portfolio is important.

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