Promethean, interactive digital displays for education

Promethean innovates relentlessly with one clear objective: to provide tools to drive collaboration and engagement through digital.

Promethean, is first and foremost the story of teachers who developed the idea of ​​a TNI, an interactive digital whiteboard, usable for classroom needs. They realized the value of having a central interactive surface in the classroom to create interactions with students and engage them more in their learning. Their invention has revolutionized the digital education market since the 90s”, explains Andrea Sibilio, Director Europe. Founded in 1997, the company quickly established itself as a key player in the EdTech sector, especially thanks to a global vision of the challenge to be met: “Our strength is not only our product, but also our vision. We have brilliantly developed new ways of teaching, new ways of working and learning, while maintaining a clear vision of opportunities for innovation and growth,” adds Andrea Sibilio.

Simple and ambitious products

L’Active panel screen, flagship product, adapts to different challenges, both in schools and in the workplace: this giant multi-touch screen with stylus or finger is connected to the computer or standalone under Android, with the possibility of video conferencing (via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Google Hangouts), conversations and numerous didactic works. Beyond digital technical material, Promethean develops learning resources and platforms such as the best-selling ActivInspire software in France, which allows teachers to create interactive lessons and take advantage of a wide range of pre-loaded educational applications. “We produce a true ecosystem for the classroom or boardroom. We provide both the tools, resources and training on how to use them.”

From kindergarten to higher education, Promethean technology is modern and engaging. “It’s a way to create a connection between teachers and students and to keep their attention – those who often grow up with a smartphone. What makes us unique is that we understand the needs of the teachers we interact with and work with every day. Our experience gained year after year has forged our expertise, this is what makes us unique and we put everything in place to maintain the interest and involvement of students in the classroom”, adds Andrea Sibilio.
If the use of Interactive Digital Displays is becoming established, it is also showing promise in the professional environment. ActivPanel becomes an essential tool in business during meetings, trainings, conferences or seminar groups in teams.

A company focused on innovation

“We are part of a social change: with new products every 2 years, we are committed to developing and offering the latest EdTech solutions in services, reflecting on its purpose. Our products are ready-to-use, with an easy grip for all user profiles. It’s a real turning point in the way you deliver a course or run a meeting.”

With a head office in Seattle, a worldwide presence and in particular an office in Paris, the originally British company listed on the stock exchange since 2010 is firmly established internationally. “Promethean produces and distributes the largest volume of ENI in the world. 60% of our sales – direct – are in the US and 40% in the rest of the world, through various distribution partners and resellers. There is a strong demand in the European market, where we are growing very quickly throughout the EU, and especially in France,” says Andrea Sibilio.

With the power of constant growth and a market share of 32.4%, the company has managed to thwart the challenges of the recent health crisis: “There was really a pre-Covid and a post-Covid. At first, we inevitably thought we would be closed for 6 months. but the reality was completely different. The European Union has given funding to the education sector, which has enabled schools to equip themselves with digital solutions for the classroom, distance and hybrid had to be technically accompanied and we succeeded by offering the Distance Learning Kit . In the end, we provided very fast and very solid solutions. The period from 2020 to 2022 was our strongest growth, concludes Andrea Sibilio. Today, our investments are turning towards virtual reality and gamification: we believe that the future is here !”

Acquired in 2015 by NetDragon, a serious Chinese game and mobile application development company, Promethean is once again in the court of cutting-edge technology pioneers, especially with its AI-powered virtual humanoid robot CEO. Beyond the hype is the promise of a commitment to truly embrace the use of AI to transform business and drive strategic growth in the future. This can then be seen as a key step in the ambition of cutting-edge companies to integrate into the Metaverse.

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