Predictions for Cardano (ADA) in 2023? Discover a greener alternative to crypto!

While the cryptocurrency market is experiencing some difficulties after the FTX scandal, more and more crypto ecosystems are developing. Indeed, the crypto industry remains extremely vibrant and has often been criticized for this fact. Therefore, Cardano (ADA), which is a green crypto, can get a much more significant value during 2023. And if you are interested in even greener alternatives, discover with us the IMPT project in this article.

Cardano and green cryptos

Among the different types of cryptocurrencies, we find those called green cryptos or ecological cryptos. These offer projects aimed at supporting sustainable development and the environment in general.

As a bonus, they tend to avoid consuming more energy than necessary, this is especially the case with Cardano (ADA). Actually, there are mainly two ways of working in blockchain on the one hand Proof of work protocol and on the other hand Stock trial protocol.

Bitcoin, for example, uses Proop-of work (PoW) for transactions and ensure the security of its blockchain. Although this is an effective method, it also consumes a lot of energybecause it puts many miners in competition who have to perform different calculations to solve the equation on the blockchain, but only one miner is rewarded afterwards.

On the other hand, the Proof of Stake protocol recently adopted by Ethereum follows Union, is the protocol under which Cardano operates. With this there are no more miners in competition, but simply authenticator which are randomly selected to perform checks on the blockchain.

Thus, in addition to its project, a green crypto must also know how to adapt to the conditions of new technologies facing the environment. This is what Cardano does. Crypto has had some struggles in recent months with it Basil updatebut it seems on track to experience growth soon.

Cardano price prediction in 2023

Although it is difficult to predict the price of a cryptocurrency in the long term, especially during a bear market, some indicators can help to draw a pattern with more or less accuracy about the evolution of a cryptocurrency over the coming months.

Thus, Cardano, according to experts, could have reached $0.50 around the end of November, but that was beforeThe FTX case which caused a increasing panic over the whole environment.

However, of the gimbal project it is solid and can reach $0.50 until the end of the year. Looking to 2023, ADA could climb above $1 fairly quickly if market conditions are right and end up around $2.20 in December 2023.

On the other hand, if the bear market continues, Cardano may not cross the $1 mark until mid-2023, or even at the end of the year. Therefore, it will be necessary to be vigilant according to the evolution of the market in the following months.

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An alternative with considerable potential

The green crypto sector is growing and is therefore seeing the development of several projects, including IMPT, which is on sale from October 3rd. The aim of the project is to become the market leader for carbon credits, supporting environmental projects and helping users track their carbon footprint.

of carbon credits was established through the Kyoto Protocol. Their use primarily serves the professional world, more and more individuals are interested in them. Indeed, these certificates that can be sold or bought give permission to emit a certain amount of CO2.

Thus, IMPT wants to allow through its platform to sell and buy carbon credits in the form of NFTs. This will provide more transparency and better monitoring using new technologies. Indeed, the carbon credit market is constantly growing, but it faces fraud or duplication problems that are easily avoidable. using blockchain.

More than 25,000 partners behind IMPT

Many partners have joined the project and every week new companies are added to this already important list. So, currently there is more than 25,000 partners behind IMPT. These are large companies that sell different and diversified products.

Among the biggest, there are among others Amazon AND Apple, but you can also find Hugo Boss, Acer and more. IMPT aims to offer an online store where it will be possible to buy more than 2 million products.

Buying one of these products online or in person at a partner company will generate a certain amount IMPT signs until you have enough with your purchases to purchase the carbon credit of your choice, helping to support environmental projects.

It is therefore a good way to contribute to environmental efforts by paying attention to your carbon footprint. There will also be a burn mechanism that allows you to consume your carbon credit and be rewarded with other NFTs.

Presale ongoing

Therefore, the presale started on October 3 at a price of $0.018 per IMPT token. In recent days, the second phase has taken over, increasing the price of a piece of land to $0.023. At the time of writing, the total amount raised stands at more than $12.5 million.

A third phase will take place no later than January 31 or once phase 2 has reached its $25 million goal. The price of an IMPT token will be next $0.028. Like Cardano, IMPT is a green crypto and its IMPT token is an ERC-20 token, therefore based on the Ethereum blockchain.

IMPT has considerable potential, but even with its ability to surround itself with multiple brands it is strengthened reliability and sustainability of the project. Thus, there is a good chance that this cryptocurrency will establish itself in the long term and be more present in the landscape in the future.

To participate in the presale, simply go to Payment for IMPT tokens is made using Tether (USDT) or Ether (ETH). It is also possible to buy ETH via Transak directly on the IMPT site. Finally, regarding IMPT tokens, you will not receive them immediately. You will have to wait for the end of the presale and click on the “Request” button in order for them to be sent to your crypto wallet.

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