Pimax Frontier Conference: the announcement of the Pimax Portal, the portable VR console, but not only…

Announced against all odds, the Pimax Portal is a pleasant surprise in the world of virtual reality. Aware that our helmets VR autonomous execution on Android, the Chinese manufacturer had the good idea to connect the two worlds: a portable keyboard that can be inserted into a helmet VRbut not only…

On sale at the same time PSVR 2so November 15, Pimax presents the concept of his device through a PLACE Kickstarter. We can see it in the announcement video many devices (Pimax Portal, Pimax Portal XL, Pimax Mini Station, Pimax Powerstation, Portal Dock…) to make the message understandable. Therefore, we have chosen to group everything together in a more convenient way.

Back Portal Pimax

  • 3 models : $299 (128GB), $399 (256GB) and $549 (QLED + Mini LED + HDR + 256GB).
  • maker : Snapdragon XR2 (the same one that powers Meta Quest 2, PICO 4…).
  • Panel technology : not specified in the base version, QLED + Mini LED + HDR + 144 Hz for the $549 version.
  • resolution : 4K.
  • Screen size : 5.5 inches.
  • PDP : 27.
  • Go : Mini HDMI.
  • Hall : Micro-SD, Jack port.
  • Number of cameras : 5.
  • Number of physical keys : 32.
  • Number of virtual keys : 8.
  • Controller technology : Adaptive triggers, vibration motors.
  • wireless technology : Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.1.
  • Tracking Technology: indoor-outdoor tracking and 6 DOF (as in other standalone helmets).
  • Battery: not communicated (but the accessory is advertised at 50,000 mAh).

Pimax XL 1 Pimax XL Back

  • Panel technology : QLED + Mini LED + HDR at 120Hz.
  • Screen size : 8.8 inches.
  • wireless technology : Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.1.
    • The possibility of integrating a WiGID or 5G module for more performance or versatility (see picture above).
  • Same other features as Pimax Portal.

“Going where no one has gone before”, or in French “Go where no one has ever gone”, the slogan of Pimax perfectly illustrates what the Chinese manufacturer is aiming for. The latter identified the weaknesses and limitations of the competition to propose the solution that would fill the gaps and needs.

The first is to increase the DPI of the portable keyboard, in other words, stop seeing pixels on the screen. Pimax explains that DPI is based on the distance between our hand and our smartphone. But when we focus, we tend (a habit that goes back to the prehistoric era) to bring the object that seems important to us closer to our eyes, and in the context shown, by zooming in on the screen, we then see the pixels.

In addition to visual quality, the Chinese manufacturer has also relied on the low power of Android consoles and has chosen to equip its console with Snapdragon XR 2which can show more than convincing performance for Android applications, for retrogamingand VR. The same forinput delaythis should be under 20ms.

Input delay Performance comparison 1

You would have understood the policy of Pimax is not to compromise, but to an all-in-one solution that allows you not to use several devices for different uses. Since the console is equipped with a camera, it will be possible use it for augmented reality (gold) and for VRcameras used to track controllers. It is worth noting that the one on the screen is displayed in color on the Pimax Portal, so we can, without taking too many risks, tell you that of pass through it should be in color, although we don’t know the definition of said cameras.

32 physical buttons

Back to the controllers, Pimax is robust by announcing no less than 32 physical buttons and 8 virtual buttons to cover all cases and you don’t need to use a key combination when your game requires one that you don’t have. Most popular titles will recognize the controller Pimax automatically and you can, like other Android consoles, map the buttons to the touch screen interface to make compatible games that don’t take into account console controllers.

PortalView Portal view controller tracking

  • Choice 1 : Lens (Fresnel – to be confirmed) to play: 27 PPD, 100° FOV.
  • Choice 2 : Lens (Fresnel – to be confirmed) for watching movies/series: 40 PPD, 60° FOV.
  • IPD : 3 levels (as in Meta Quest 2).
  • PRICE : Portal View + Pimax Basic Portal: $450; Portal View + Portal Pimax QLED: $600.

27 PPD, this would (on paper) provide 50% greater sharpness than competing headphones. We can too choose our lenses (both included in the price) according to our use or preference, with a FOV lower for higher image quality or vice versa. here again, Pimax seems afraid to forget use cases (or use case in English), in other words, the company has truly designed its product(s) to meet all possible and unimaginable requirements (and again, read on, you haven’t seen anything yet).

Portal horizon

  • FOV : 140°.
  • PDP : 20.
  • IPD : 3 levels (as in Meta Quest 2).
  • No other information is provided.

For lovers of the first Pimax which offered a very wide field of vision, the company offers here an unmatched while maintaining a suitable PPD.

Portal Social Edition

  • Choice 1 : Lens (Fresnel – to be confirmed) to play: 27 PPD, 100° FOV.
  • Choice 2 : Lens (Fresnel – to be confirmed) for watching movies/series: 40 PPD, 60° FOV.
  • Tracking technology : Indoor-outdoor, 6DOF, Eye tracking, Face tracking.
  • IPD : 3 levels (as in Meta Quest 2).
  • No other information is provided.

Mini Station Mini Station Specifications

  • maker : AMD 6800U (same processor as Aya Neo 2).
  • RAM : 32 Go RAM (no precision in its frequency and generation).
  • Storage : 1 TB SSD.
  • wireless technology : Built-in WiGIG + Bluetooth 5.1.
  • Feed : 56 W.
  • Hall : not communicating.
  • Go : not communicating.
  • PRICE : not communicating.

You don’t have a PC, but you want one stream your games on your Pimax Portal, well, the Chinese manufacturer has thought of you. Integration of the solution WiGIG and its 60 GHz technology, Pimax promises a smooth, seamless experience G and no dropped frames.

Pimax Power Station WiGid

You need power to play well on PC VR ? Pimax I heard you! Although the latter has not communicated about the features of the PC or PCs, we know at least that the company is working on it. Therefore, the idea will be to optimize it by choosing the components and through the integrated software to offer the easiest solution to use. Thus, the customer, who was traditionally lost in the jungle of gaming PCs or in the choice of components, will only need to get a “Pimax Portal Ready” PC.

Dock Station FrontDock Station BackDock Station Friends

  • Storage box : up to 6 controllers.
  • Go : HDMI.
  • PRICE : not detected.

Just like the Nintendo Switch, you’ll be able toby connecting your Pimax Portal to a docking station. You can then play Android or PC games (via broadcast) with your friends up to 6 players (6 controllers) traditionally or via motion detectionYour Pimax portal making sure that through its cameras it does the work.

Pimax Gun Accessories Pimax Arcade Pimax Tennis Accessories

If the conferences Meta can be so stingy in features hardware AND the softwareswe would be even more pleased. Pimax seems to have realized that it’s necessary to offer features that others don’t based on customer needs, specific to what Nintendo did with the Switch in 2017, and it turns out to be a profitable strategy. In addition to the race for the technology proposed by Microsoft AND sony to show more and more beautiful games, nintendo had answered the demand of gamers who needed an easily portable and powerful console for gaming at home or on the go. Where Pimax stand out from nintendois that it does not leave technology aside, offering modern products (Snapdragon XR2QLED-Mini LED screen, HDR…), i.e. the best at low prices (taking into account the technology on board and the resulting possibilities).

The only downside to offering an all-in-one service is exactly the same as your house keys. When you put all your keys into a single game, the day you lose it, you lose everything! Well, here’s the same thing, if you use your Pimax Portal as a handheld, home console or headset VRthe day it drops you won’t be able to enjoy it anymore, while if your switch breaks you can still play Meta Quest 2.

Anyway, we can’t wait to get our hands on this surprise for you to test drive. Stay tuned, as more news about the Pimax Portal and everything that comes with it is expected in the coming week.

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