New website, answers to your questions and comments

Posted on November 9, 2022, 5:10 pmUpdated on November 14, 2022 at 20:36

Moderator: hello everyone, let’s go for our new cat, a little special this week as it is dedicated to our new cat, launched just a few days ago.

Dennis Lantoine: Hello, nice to meet you for this chat. A bit special, yes, since we dedicated it to your various comments and feedback after launching our new site just under a week ago.

As with any operation of this magnitude, there are of course glitches to begin with, they are technical and therefore likely to be rectified quickly. Our editorial team remains on the bridge and highly motivated to analyze news, meeting points, price changes and give you the best advice. At this point, nothing has changed.

And this conversation, above all, was made to gather all your main remarks or regrets in order to quickly improve our platform. Let’s go into details.

M Berrehouc: Hi, beyond the initial glitches of this new site, when will the portfolios be updated and editable and where are the course alerts now? Thanks for your feedback. Sincerely.

Indeed, many of you have told us about your problems finding your portfolios and lists. The task was heavy to migrate them, the operation was complex, but very soon you should have recovered all the wallets and lists. Just like the slowness you may experience in the morning at opening and in the evening at closing should disappear quickly.

If, despite everything, you cannot find them, lists or portfolios, we invite you to contact our customer service by phone 01 55 56 70 67 or by e-mail By sharing as many details as possible (your computer configuration, your browser version, the email address associated with the account used and screenshots) so that our technical teams can analyze the problem in detail and reset your lists.

As for alerts, we know you miss them. Our development teams are currently working on their return, which should be done in two stages: first on the Invest mobile app and then on the website.
While waiting for their return, two options are available for you not to miss any urgent information: our notifications in your browser, our newsletter offer and, of course, the daily monitoring of our site and our applications.

Papanoel: Hi Mr. Lantoine, when you create a list of values, how do you sort them alphabetically in the “label” column? Thank you.

Hello, our new site is, as you may have guessed, in its first feature release. These types in many other columns are among our next priorities for addition. You should get them very quickly. Thank you.

Carole: Hi, I’ve entered and saved my usernames and passwords, but I’m always logged out. What is the solution to stop it? OK.

Hi, yes, you may encounter this problem if, on occasion, you have shared your username and password with some of your friends or others. Subscriptions are truly private, but they can still be used via two simultaneous connections from different media (computer, mobile). Hence the possible disconnections if you switch these two connections simultaneously.

First option, change your password to reset all these possible connections. Otherwise, if you are the only user, do not hesitate to contact our customer service at the coordinates above to solve this disconnection problem.

Norois: Will we be able to find a window on the main page where you can enter the reminder code of a security to get its technical data sheet directly?

We can already do that in actions, but right now our search engine is only active with a minimum of three letters. There is no problem for Microsoft (MSFT), on the other hand, at the moment impossible with Axa for example (CS). We have noted this remark so that we can correct this point as soon as possible. Thank you.

Andrew: Hello. Some time to adjust to your new site. An important note, the display of portfolios is often on the default screen, of course some adjustments need to be made. One less good thing, no more total capital gains or losses compared to the old version, shame. Can you restore this function that was good? With thanks.

Don’t panic, you can find these various capital gains or losses by clicking on the Portfolio button at the top right, in which case you will find the overall capital gain or loss of each of your portfolios, or across each of your portfolios , in the analysis tab.

JeanVar: Hello. With the old version of your website, I could forward an article to a friend or acquaintance BY EMAIL (by clicking on the “envelope” icon that was to the left of the article), which was good practice. With the new version of your site, this feature is gone, you can only “share” content via a social network (Twitter, Whatsapp…). Do you plan to restore the “partition” via email? Sincerely.

There are currently no plans to reintegrate this functionality because it was very little used. But if some of you demand it, we may reconsider our position. On the phone, on the other hand, the button behavior adapts and offers you sharing via the apps you use most often, potentially including Gmail, Outlook or Apple Mail.

User: In the previous version of the page, lists of values ​​could be exported using an “Excel export” button. I did not find this button in the listings of the new version. How can I export a list now? Thank you for your answer.

Yes, indeed, many of you ask me this question. And we are in the process of studying bringing this feature back, but only for our subscribers, because can you imagine that those who were the biggest users of this service came to our site just for this, while we all support it ? fees (and I can tell you they are high when it comes to stock market flows). So from now on, you will understand that it will be reserved for our subscribers!

Delobel: Why is the Nasdaq composite quote delayed by 24 hours since the new site was created? We can no longer have the quote of the day live. Thank you.

Yes, this is a real problem in my opinion, and I have asked our technical teams to make this a priority bug treatment. I hope with all my heart to be heard. They are in it.

D.: Hello. Congratulations on the new site! Why does Investir give so little advice on non-French stocks?

Hi, yes, this is indeed one of our editorial priorities. We now put more than one page a week on foreign stock tips in our weekly and try to do two tips a day on an international on our site, and other news when the news allows.

Orion 62: Hello. New site, of course, but not only advantages. I usually refuse cookies on all the sites I visit and it is my right. On the Invest page, a banner appears that hides half the screen, which is annoying, that’s what it’s designed for. As a subscriber to the weekly for 30 years, I feel I should have access to some articles and especially the chat which I really enjoy. If this continues, I would stop subscribing to the weekly. Warmest greetings.

As a subscriber, when you see this banner appear, all you have to do is click on Connect with. And as a subscriber too, you don’t have to accept cookies.

That’s it, our chat time is over, we have tried to answer your main concerns and remarks. I remind you of the contact details of our customer service, do not hesitate to abuse it! Email: serviceclients@invest.frand phone number: 01 55 56 70 67. I can only wish you a good end of the day. See you next week for a more traditional Stock Exchange conversation. So see you soon.

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