For Internet access in prison

They are in charge of associations, unions, integration structures; they are teachers, social workers, counselors for integration and probation, doctors, prison visitors, lawyers, magistrates, external evaluators in the disciplinary commission, chaplains, voluntary workers in detention, artists, MPs; they are or have been incarcerated or close to incarcerated persons. United by their different and complementary prison experiences, they share the same observation: “Internet access inside the walls is […] essential to recognize prisoners as subjects of rights, to limit the social exclusion caused by imprisonment and to facilitate the return to a free life. »

“So try to look for Pôle Emploi offers without a computer! » Ubiquitous and inescapable outside, Internet access would indeed constitute, for prisoners, a means of emancipation, empowerment, and mitigation of segregation due to physical isolation. It conditions the effectiveness of many rights and constitutes a main lever both for the development and diversification of the offer of activities and trainings in prison, but also for the preparation for release. However, the signatories recall, “Internet access for prisoners remains […] hopelessly absent from both political projects and government discourse”. In the wake of recommendations formulated for more than ten years by institutions, independent administrative authorities, civil society organizations and fact-finding missions, they join their voices to demand that the fight against the digital divide be made a political priority of the President. Macron – does not rule out about 72,000 arrested citizens.

Addressing the head of government, the signatories of this open letter emphasize that the issue of internet access in prison affects many ministerial areas: solidarity, health, education, culture, integration, economy and justice. As the National Assembly rapporteur for the Digital Republic Bill stated in 2016: “At this point, no report will inform any further decisions. This decision must be political. »

List of 30 signatory organizations: Arapej 41 • Association for the Protection of the Rights of Detainees (A3D) • National Association of External Assessors in the Disciplinary Commission of Penitentiary Institutions (ANAEC) • National Association of Penitentiary Judges (Anjap) • National Association of Visitors of Persons in the hands of justice (ANVP) • Association of Psychiatric Sectors in the Penitentiary Environment (ASPMP) • Former Genepi Association • Auxilia Association, a new chance • Public Prohibition • Casp Arapej • CGT-Insertion and Evidence • Cimade • Citizens and Justice • Clip • Courrier de Bovet • Emmaüs-France • Farapej • Federation of Actors of Solidarity (FAS) • Gist • Association Lire C’est Vivre • League of Human Rights (LDH) • Reading to get out • Observatory Prisons International – Section French (OIP-SF) • Little Brothers of the Poor • Possible • Union of Lawyers of France (SAF) • Secours Catholique – Caritas France • National Union of All Prison Administration Staff (SN EPAP-FSU) • National Union of Education and Social Workers – Judicial Protection of Youth (SNPES PJJ/FSU) • Union of Magistrates (SM)

Author: Head of national prisons

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