Coezio, the unique experience to live in business

With five multi-activity indoor leisure parks, Koezio offers a unique, fun and business-friendly concept. A godsend for successful events that bring teams together.

“Creating social bonds through games between employees”

These are corporate events of a new kind, based on experience, shared memories and mutual support. These events are the work of Cohesion, a concept of indoor leisure parks with many activities that allows families or friends to have a good time, but also companies to create lifetime moments for their teams. Based in Lille (59), Lieusaint near Carré Sénart (77), Cergy (95), Lyon (69) and Brussels, the establishments make it possible to “create social bonds through games between employees, with activities that go beyond the ordinary. which make sense,” explains Sarah Martin, Koezio’s sales and marketing project manager.

Ideal for team building, onboarding new employees, communicating with your teams, launching a new exercise or starting a crisis recovery, experiential parks have experienced strong growth since the health crisis, with the need of all to recreate the connection and live the collective adventures. Founded by the grandson of the creator of Parc Bagatelle, an amusement park in the Hauts-de-France, Koezio is accessible in both winter and summer and is increasingly attracting companies of all sizes with its immersive and middle level. between an escape game and an adventure game.

Unique experiences, symbols of help and mutual communication

The most famous of these takes teams on a mission, putting them in the shoes of elite agents. To pass all four tests, the employees, divided into small groups, must show mutual support, communication and surpass themselves, especially with a 12-meter high course. As its name suggests, the Hors Contrôle experience takes you to different worlds, with games and puzzles of all kinds that force teams to cooperate. Other original activities, such as Icecube Protocol, a virtual reality sensory experience developed exclusively for Koezio, or Musi’Quiz, which dives into the heart of a TV to take part in a blind test of the new generation, it allows teams to get closer, to laugh. and to discover the time of an afternoon.

Some companies should go even further in personalizing their on-site experience. Here again, Koezio has thought of everything with a unique team building service, Discover My Team, completely customized, which consists of accompanying a group for a few hours with training and facilitation workshops. “We want to accompany this group to meet or even to get to know each other again, so that they can learn to work together. Everyone can engage, we learn a lot about their colleges in order to better understand their behavior. It can be very strong emotionally, it is always a rich experience that brings a lot to the participants”, assures Sarah. Koezio also offers companies the opportunity to provide gift boxes to their employees so they can come and enjoy experiences with family or friends. A gift idea that never ceases to appeal, especially for the holidays!

Build a custom event

For each experience, the Koezio teams will analyze the needs and expectations of their clients to advise them on the choice of experience, but above all to devise a completely personalized event for them, which can combine meetings in adapted rooms, games. and meals. By proclaiming loud and clear that “nothing is impossible,” parks help to strengthen a team’s cohesion, which according to numerous studies is a source of sustained performance and motivation. “We will also develop a sense of belonging, build team loyalty and create a brand image. This is optimal for recruiting or retaining talent, especially in the current context,” adds Sarah.

With this complete and turnkey package, Koezio becomes a stable partner in a company’s strategy. The gourmet icing on an already delicious cake, Parc de Paris – Sénart has developed an original catering offer with Lucky Folks, a restaurant inspired by the fairgrounds. Good and tasty dishes can be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere consisting of darts, karaoke, pétanque courts, etc. Much more than an escape game room or a friendly after-work, Koezio is therefore an original concept, which allows any company to meet for a moment… for effects that last over time.

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