Apple could create its own Metaverse-like universe for its mixed reality headset

By now, it’s pretty clear that Apple is done with new hardware releases for 2022. After quietly launching two new iPads and a new Apple TV, the American tech giant has decided to give end… of the year. Many will be disappointed by the lack of a dedicated November/October event, as is normal, and the fact that we won’t be getting new MacBooks this fall. However, it seems that Apple is preparing something important, namely its VR / AR headset.

Apple really hates the term “Metaverse but that might not stop him from developing his own interactive virtual world for his upcoming mixed reality headset. Assuming nothing changes at the last minute, there is every reason to believe so Apple’s high-end (and likely very expensive) headphones will arrive in the first half of 2023and that at least one of them could be equipped with the company’s M2 chip.

We’ve been hearing about Apple’s mixed reality headset for years, and rumors have given an increasingly clear picture of it. At one time, the first headphones were expected to be released in 2020, but that never materialized.

Assuming recent reports are true, Apple’s mixed reality product could go into production as early as 2023, which means we could finally get an announcement at WWDC. However, physical hardware is only part of the equation, as software will play an equally important role.

According to one new reportby Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman Apple has been hiring people to develop the software side of things, and one of those projects could include the company’s own version of the metaverse… but without calling it the metaverse.

It’s hard to say exactly what Apple is planning for its headphones. Last January, Gurman said sources revealed that Apple would not be creating a metaverse for its mixed reality platform, which seems to be underscored by Apple’s absence from Metaverse Standards Forum. However, in his latest Power On newsletter, Gurman reports that Apple is accelerating its work on the software side of its upcoming mixed reality headset, and that this effort includes, among other things, the development ofThe world of 3D mixed reality». It’s hard to interpret this as anything other than a metaverse—a metaverse that would include elements of the real world, in this case.

Apple is betting big on it

Citing job postings, Gurman also reports that Apple has outlined plans that, among other things, make it clear that things like Shortcuts and Siri — both found on the company’s existing devices — will also be part of its platform. of mixed reality. There’s also talk of some kind of video service that would be made available to owners of the headset, which would serve as a portal to unspecified “3D content” that would revolve around virtual reality.

However, don’t expect to buy an Apple headphone on the same budget as a Quest or even an Index Valve. Reports point to a headset that could cost upwards of $3,000, as it is said to be a high-end product with the best hardware offered in a VR/AR product to date. Gurman refers to previous rumors that, among other things, the realityOS headset could have more than 10 cameras and be called Reality Pro, while another headset could be called Reality One.

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