In Berrien, Cloé and Yannick will open a villa in the middle of nature, without TV or internet, to disconnect – Carhaix

You are not from the region. What brought you to Brittany?

Cloé Schutz: Chance! We were living in Belgium and were looking to move without knowing where. We had the project of opening a gite and Brittany appeared to us without knowing why. We had never been to that area. We started going through real estate ads and fell in love with a house in Berrien. We came to visit and said to ourselves that this is where we wanted to be. It’s been four years since we moved in.

Since then, the idea of ​​opening a gite has never left you?

No. It is a project that we have never lost sight of, but first we wanted to know the area, the residents, to take the pulse to be sure. In the end, we decided very quickly.

Cloé and Yannick Schutz packed their suitcases four years ago in Berrien, where in the spring of 2023, they will open a guesthouse without TV or internet. (Telegram / Nathalie Com)

You finally decided to build this gite at the entrance of the village. Why ?

Our project was never to make a homestead. Ours will be five minutes from our house. We were looking to buy an already built property, a small renovated house for example, but nothing caught our eye. Finally, we spotted a plot of 8000 m² outside the village, at the end of a small path, which gives the impression of total isolation. And another great coincidence of life, we came across people living in Liège who were selling this land!

Starting over didn’t scare you?

No, we knew what we wanted. We rushed headlong. We contacted an architect to design a tiny house. We really wanted a small habitat because it’s in our nature to not want things too big. We are quite minimalistic in our lives.

How did the construction work go?

Construction started in November 2021. It was important for us to hire artisans from the region, in particular carpenters specialized in traditional wooden frames. We also called in an interior decorator, because when it’s beautiful, it’s good! (laughs).

When is the opening planned?

In the spring of 2023 if all goes well. The gite can accommodate a family with three children or two couples.

Cloé and Yannick Schutz will open a B&B without TV or Internet in Berrien in the spring of 2023Cloé and Yannick Schutz will open a B&B without TV or Internet in Berrien in the spring of 2023Cloé and Yannick Schu
The couple launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kengo to raise €1,500 to recreate an orchard. Cloé and Yannick want to plant fruit trees so that future tenants of the gite can come and “hit”.

Why start crowdfunding?

As this land is a former agricultural wasteland, there are many ferns, gorse. We would like to raise €1,500 to recreate an orchard, to plant fruit trees so that future tenants of the gite can come and have a go. This crowdfunding * should also allow us to plant small trees for the birds to improve their living environment. You should know that the land is classified as a sanctuary by the Bird Protection League. Our goal is to please the animals (laughs).

There will be no television or internet in the gite. Why this choice?

Because we are so open to nature that it would be a shame to put up screens. And then turning on the Internet when everyone has 4G on their phone seems redundant to us. We wanted to do something that felt like us, a place that we could rent for our vacations. We truly created this cottage in our own image.

So you don’t regret settling in Monts d’Arrée?

None. We have an incomparable comfort of life. Without forgetting nature.

* Crowdfunding ends this Tuesday, November 15th. Link to the kitten:

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