How to change your Wi-Fi name?

Never remember the name of your wireless network and therefore never sure which one it is from the list provided when you want to connect to it? You just want to customize your Wi-Fi name? Here’s how to replace the name given by default to your box, always a bit tricky, with a more memorable term that will allow you to identify your wifi network at a glance!

Who knows their wifi name by heart? Unless you have had to inform visitors many times, it is almost impossible to remember the combination of numbers and letters that make up the name of the wireless network provided by its Internet box. So much so that sometimes it can be difficult to find your way when consulting the list of available networks nearby, where as long as several neighbors are located with the same operator, different Wi-Fi can look very different similar, with some characters close. But did you know that you shouldn’t keep your box’s default wireless network name?

Just like you can change your Wi-Fi password, it must be said that it is even more difficult to memorize, you can really change its name at any time. And besides the interest of choosing a name that you will easily recognize, this can have other advantages knowing that wifi names are by default public, shown as we said in the list of available nearby networks. For example, you might not want everyone to know which carrier you’re subscribed to, but as you can see, this is usually indicated in the original wireless network name of your box, before the famous series of numbers and letters. Worse still, hackers can use it to trick you, making up a Wi-Fi name close to your own in the hope that you’re wrong and connect to a pirate network…

How to change Wi-Fi name on a very high speed box in SFR?

So how can you change your Wi-Fi name, or SSID for short? Truly named Identifier of the service SETin its technical term, the wireless network name is fortunately easily modifiable, but the procedure to follow may vary depending on your box. Here’s how to do it for owners of a very high speed (THD) box or modem in SFR:

  1. From a computer connected to the Internet, either via wifi or via an Ethernet cable, log into the management interface of your SFR box. To do this, go from your Internet browser to the page http://mymodem, or to one of these addresses: or
  2. After entering the management interface, go to section “Configure my modem”. Then you will have to enter your login credentialsie the login and password shown on the label of your box.
  3. Then choose “WIFI” tab. to access your wireless settings.
  4. In the Wireless Network section, edit field titled “Name (SSID)”entering the new wifi name of your choice.
  5. Finally, don’t forget to validate your edits by clicking on “Apply” button. at the end of the page.

How to change wifi name on SFR Box 8?

On the other hand, are you the proud owner of an all-powerful SFR Box 8, taking advantage of the latest technologies such as the Wi-Fi 6 standard for an outstanding wireless connection? So rejoice because you can enjoy, among other innovations, Smart Wifi. In addition to better coverage and a more stable connection through the installation of specially designed repeaters, this gives you access to one of the most intuitive management interfaces in SFR & Me app. And from there you can change the name of your wireless network with a few clicks:

  1. Once connected to your SFR & Me mobile app, click on “Smart Wi-Fi” button. which is among your shortcuts.
  2. Then choose “Customize My WiFi” tab..
  3. Select the network whose name you want to change (choose between “Private WiFi” or “Guest WiFi”).
  4. Edit “Network Name” field. filling in what you have chosen.
  5. Finally, click “Valid” button. located at the bottom of the page.

And now, voila! The hardest part, in the end, will of course be finding a good name for your wifi network… Some tips on this topic: choose a name that doesn’t look like any other and that can’t be confused with a public wifi hotspot , but you should be careful at the same time not to enter any personal information, be it your last name or any other data that would identify you, including your favorite series or the football club you support… Wi-Fi Name- yours should be concisely unique and impersonal. . The opportunity to work on your imagination, even your references and humor showing for example: “You will not pass”.

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