Gulli launches a revolutionary TV game

Joan Faggianelli launches “Mission Gulliverse” this Sunday, November 13 at 17:45 on the children’s channel. An innovative weekly show halfway between reality and the virtual world.

Since his arrival Gully Fifteen years ago, Joan Faggianelli was to minors what Neymar was to Paris Saint-Germain fans. A true star whose youngest hopes to one day cross over. The M6 ​​group channel offers these viewers a golden opportunity to meet him in the flesh, thanks to the new concept launched this Sunday, November 13, at 17:45. IN “Mission Gulliverse”, with host SoAnne, will welcome two couples between the ages of 8 and 13 each week who will compete in tests on set but also in a virtual universe. Interview with a farcical apostle who has turned his set into a playground.

TV MAGAZINE. – “Mission Gulliverse” moved to the place of Jamie and the Tentacles. What do you want to say to children who will be confused by this new programming?
Joan FAGGIANELLI. – Honestly, this cartoon is a hit, so it will be hard to dry your eyes. But I’ll try to wipe away a few tears by telling them that a new game is coming, with an atmosphere of thunder! They will be able to participate if they wish and this fun will be rooted in reality, but also in a virtual world, with Gulliverse.

How would you describe this universe?
It is an extremely positive place where everyone loves to dance. This is Gulli 3.0. However, in a neighboring space, the truly bitter people coexist. At the head of this population reigns an unsympathetic little boy with an unpleasant voice. And to gain power over the Gulliverse, he decided to transform into an evil DJ riding a giant robot called Juke Boss. With this machine, he will only play bad notes to spoil the party. Therefore, the children will do everything to defeat this creature in order to restore the color and joy of Gulliverse life.

How will players go about defeating this enemy?
I am very proud to announce it: it is the first in the world, because no country has launched a game where participants face virtual reality. Part of the show will take place on set and will be quite classic, with physical tests and a music quiz. And, when a team wins a round, it enters the Gulliverse. More specifically, one of the two adventurers sets out for this world and the other stays in reality to guide him on his virtual adventure.

“The creation of Gulliverse represented three to four months of work”

Joan Jaggianelli, host of Mission Gulliverse at Gulli.

How did you create Gulliverse?
I didn’t think it was that sharp! Initially, we wanted to offer Gulli viewers a new concept that suits their illusions. We built this world with an amazing company called Back Light. And we invented, with the chain teams, a place that we could qualify as ideal. This represents three to four months of work, with fifty people working on it every day.

Gulli has been repositioned to a more family audience in prime time. Is this the perfect opportunity for you to reach out to an older audience?
I give way to Stéphane Plaza and others, who do their job very well. My child-focused position suits me very well and I am very comfortable with it. Gulli and I get along very well. We have been working on projects that are innovative for fifteen years and managers always offer me projects in which I am also involved as a producer. They push me to come up with ideas and it stimulates me so much that I have a hard time looking anywhere else. I am extremely well with this chain, whose values ​​​​correspond completely to me. So long as it lasts!

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