Sponsoring the skills of the Palatine Women’s Project gives them “them”

The Palatine Women Project gave her a course. If indeed Alexia Barrier needed it. The Nice skipper, who has just won the Rolex Mediterranean Race in the Mod70 Mana, is one of four athletes in the first promotion of this skills sponsorship launched in April by the bank, a subsidiary of Groupe BPCE.

Its objective: to give wings to these athletes and para-athletes in nine months, in retraining or not, but in carrying out an entrepreneurial project, offering them a whole network of coaches, mentors, experts…
Realization of a business plan, English lessons, contact with the media, entrepreneurs or investors…, the sailor took advantage of the resources available to her. As the program nears its end, his Celebrity Project, which has three components – sports, education and science – has fared well.

100% female crew

Who says entrepreneurial project, says business plan. “The bank’s support allowed me to create an effective one. It’s not easy when you’ve been sailing all your life.”

Because Alexia Barrier has set herself a big challenge: to be at the starting line of the Jules-Verne Trophy in 2024 with a 100% female international team and “Especially winning it! It’s a bit like walking on the moon. There’s only been one woman to achieve this feat and that was twenty-five years ago. Everything has to be built up.”

Especially the financing since he has to buy the boat “Through a bank loan with an institution other than Banque Palatine – proof of its capacity to respond to demand – and the possibility of having private investors as co-owners”. Added to this is the annual operating budget of 3 million euros, reaching a total of 20 million euros for three years.

“Within a month I have to get the bank loan for the purchase of the boat and I have already signed the first sponsorship contract, the second one is under negotiation”.Alexia Barrier designs.
The educational component of the Famous Project envisages the production ofOcean 360a virtual reality film with 9 episodes of 9 minutes that will introduce children to the ocean. “We plan to give them cardboard virtual reality helmets and a minibus will travel to France to meet them and talk about environmental issues.”
As for the scientific part, the sensors placed on the boat will provide unprecedented data on the ocean because “We’ll sail into no man’s land”.

The data will be used for oceanographic research and will also have public and private applications: “They will make it possible to make predictions and, in the context of climate change, predict natural disasters.” Alexia Barrier relies on sponsorship and private investment to carry out the educational and scientific aspects.

An example to follow

“Having a tailored program like the Palatine Women’s Project pays off, the navigator highlights. I have been a business manager for ten years, but I am self-taught and aware of my shortcomings. Creating big projects gave me confidence in my potential and the range of my possibilities as an entrepreneur. In our sports, we are very strong and we must transpose this state of mind into entrepreneurship: we are capable of this”.
And to confess: “I’ve always wanted to give meaning to my sporting career. I would have stopped sailing a long time ago if it was just about winning races. As role models, athletes train people in their wake and we have a more important role than that of pure sportsman. We must continue to be a source of inspiration for women.”
And that’s what Alexia Barrier is witnessing.

The famous project

A renewed program

Last April, Banque Palatine – a subsidiary of Groupe BPCE – decided to team up with four female athletes with an entrepreneurial project by launching the Palatine Women Project.

This skills sponsorship co-piloted by Séverine Desbouys – a former professional cycling champion turned entrepreneur and investor – is designed to meet the expectations and needs of each female athlete. “Made to order, emphasizes Patrick Ibry, managing director of the banking institution. We want to be a particle accelerator.”

And the program that is nearing completion has been. “Alexia Barrier has reached an important stage in her project andhe thinks, she took advantage of all the tools we had put at her disposal and gave results”.

A great promotion

His promotional partner, 400m hurdler Coralie Gassama, has designed and marketed Key One, protective shells that fit athletes’ spiked shoes. “Experts from the Palatine Women’s Project are currently helping her raise funds to produce suitable models for the high jump, triple jump and shot put. the leader resumes. She made a strong impression as she is injured and managing it all from her recovery bed. She was also able to publish her project.”

On the other side of the world, in Polynesia, taekwondo champion Anne-Caroline Graff is in the process of purchasing three hectares of land where she will set up Puna Ora, an educational and sports farm focused on food education, agriculture and nature conservation. and the expression of Polynesian culture. “Talks are going well, Patrick Ibry is pleased. We found the right keys. As for the digital store project of Alexia Dubié, the fourth athlete of this first promotion, it is certainly one of the most difficult to realize because the competition is fierce in this sector. The beauty is that sports feed each other. Alexia Dubié can use Alexia Barrier’s multigroup veil to provide pockets…”
And the CEO of Banque Palatine concludes: “This season 1 is a great adventure; internally, coaches and mentors stepped in and are proactive in being robust to proposals. We also received spontaneous applications from our employees who wanted to support future seasons.”

Because the Palatine Women Project will be renewed at least until 2025 with, this time, eight to ten athletes per promotion. Good news for dozens of athletes who have already applied. “We are in the process of selecting season 2, which should start in January.”
The skills mentoring program will allow the bank, a premium partner of Paris 2024, to establish its employer brand and recruit new talent, hopes Patrick Ibry by showing that we experience the bank differently.

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