new way to play video games

The world of video games is experiencing a new revolution with the appearance of Virtual and Augmented Reality in the background of the metaverse!

If virtual reality headsets were still a curiosity a few years ago, this is no longer the case today and many gamers have one at home. The same goes for augmented reality, which saw popular success when Pokémon Go was released.

Why is this new type of game so successful? How is virtual reality gradually settling in Europe? What’s next for these new ways to play with the clock? from the Mark Zuckerberg metaverse and others? Reaction elements.

Virtual reality games are a revolution comparable to color display in video games

Another level of immersion

of virtual reality in video games plays with the closeness of the screen to the eyes, but above all the continuity of the decor with the movements of the head. Specifically, if a player looks up in a virtual reality game, they will see the sky or the roof of the building they are on. This continuity is so amazing that the brain can sometimes be lost, with the loss of balance for example. The result is stunning and the player is literally immersed in the world of video games. whether the graphics have been improved Over the years, the separation between the game and the player via the screen has always been a norm, a norm that virtual reality comes to break. If the screen still exists, it has become invisible to the brain.

Virtual reality obeys other rules to immerse the player. It is no longer the one that enters the pixelated world, it is instead the game that bursts into our reality.

In both cases, this mix between felt sensations and increased immersion guarantees new, much more intense sensations for all players.

Virtual and augmented reality: a new way to play video games

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VR rooms, new arcade rooms

Just like a video game, virtual reality progresses step by step. At the time of the advent of video games, hobbyists first met in arcades, where consoles were often expensive or considered unusual objects, such as the Web3 console. Then, the video game was democratized and took over many homes.

At the moment, virtual reality is still on the theater stage, even if some enthusiasts already have the necessary equipment at home. VR rooms offer another way to play. With laptops as a backpack and a virtual reality headset, it’s possible to actually move through space while immersed in a video game world. In a world overrun by zombies, you will have to survive with your friends by watching your back, regularly looking around while you are immersed in your bag, which acts as an inventory. In other logs, it is possible to conduct investigations and dive into different periods of history.

Developers are aware of the great potential of these games due to the natural immersion that virtual reality causes and do not hesitate to play them, creating a new game and new game mechanics. A genre that despite the enthusiasm it provokes is still away from what can be done in the future.

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Tomorrow, video games in the metaverse?

If the video game industry is already running on these new technologiesit seems that mainstream games released in this format have yet to establish themselves in pop culture.

Augmented reality will be able to make games appear as a metaverse in our reality

augmented reality game

Apart from Pokémon Go, which was a first attempt that became a masterstroke, no augmented reality game has really caused a cultural phenomenon. However, in the near future, the metaverse could change things forever. These continuous pixelated worlds will be the social networks of tomorrow according to major industry players like Mark Zuckerberg.

Virtual reality and augmented reality gaming will then be the norm, easily accessible through various metaverses. These technologies are still in development, however, with the emergence of virtual reality rooms and the changing dimension in player immersion, there is no doubt that the future looks bright for gaming in virtual reality and in reality.

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