Gers: new digital writing is invited to the Auch Short Film Festival

Scheduled from November 24 to 27, the 11th edition will offer a selection of 47 films and give pride of place to digital, with a session called “The World of Tomorrow” and a workshop on virtual reality .

It all started with the desire to “do something in Auch with friends”, as Florian Maussac simply explains. With his friends from the “Cinema and Audiovisual” option at the Lycée du Garros, this enthusiast of 7.e art began in 2011 with the creation of the Auch Short Film Festival (FCMA). “Eleven years later, we’re still here,” he smiles, not a little proud of the progress made by his association (Venderborg Prod) and the forty volunteers who gravitate around the event every year.

It must be said that the festival has grown since then, as evidenced by the rich program of this 11the edition which extends over four days, with, for the first time, two days of screenings in the darkrooms of Cine 32 (versus one previously), on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November. The cinema-swimming pool will be renovated on Friday in the Moulias basin, with buoys for the more adventurous and bleachers for the more cautious.

Ciné-piscine will be repeated this year in Moulias.

In total, no less than 47 short films will be shown, of which 20 will be in competition. They were selected among 1,500 films by the association’s selection committee. An eclectic selection as in every edition, which this year will give pride of place to digital writing, as evidenced by the poster and the homepage of the official website. Thus, a session will be dedicated to “The World of Tomorrow” on Saturday at 21:00, in the presence of the directors of the four films shown that evening. “It paints a portrait of what society and technologies will be like in the coming years,” says Florian Maussac.

“Confronting People with These New Technologies”

A virtual workshop will be offered to the public on Sunday, with the viewing of short films using VR headsets. The opportunity to discuss a social topic that has become essential in the world of cinema and series. “We really wanted to highlight these new writings. It was an opportunity for this edition to take the project to the end. It is this idea to join this theme because the short film is a bit of a showcase for what is being done in audiovisual for the coming years”, underlines the coordinator of FCMA, enthusiastic about the idea. confront people with these new technologies”.

Those who resist the virtual world, however, will not be left out with other topics covered during the show’s sessions (At the end of the towers, queer film, Beloved parents, Betrothed session, Le court des petits…). Real-life fans will even be able to meet and have fun on Saturday during the Super evening that will take place in the LéVA space or share a musical moment at Ciné 32 for the Zitoune concert.

The festival will end on Sunday evening with the traditional awards ceremony, free and open to all. In particular, a short film will win the France 3 Libre court prize for the first time in the festival’s history and will benefit from a purchase for broadcast in the program during 2023. Evidence if it were necessary that the increase of FCMA continues in good conditions. “Little by little, we grow, try, experiment and it works well,” concludes Florian Maussac. And there is nothing virtual about it.


11e Auch Short Film Festival, November 24-27.

Five official screenings of the competition (at Cine 32): Saturday 26 at 10:00, 16:00 and 18:00, Sunday 27 at 10:30 and 14:30. Five thematic screenings (at Ciné 32): Saturday 26 at 2 p.m. (En bas des tours) and 9 p.m. (Monde Demain), Sunday 27 at 1 p.m. (Film queer), 2:30 p.m. (documentary screening) and 17:00 (Dear parents). Two sessions in partnership (with Ciné 32): Thursday 24 at 14:30 (Engaged session) and 20:30 (From short to long). Two special shows: Ciné-piscine (Friday 25 at 8pm, Auch pool); the Court des Petits (Saturday 26, 11:00, Ciné 32).

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