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Source: RobotEra

Although the current conditions of the crypto market have severely degraded, the sector GameFi continues to be a source of investor enthusiasm for years to come. RobotEra is the latest project in the blockchain gaming ecosystem and this new one NFT game began the pre-sale phase November 9. Note that RobotEra benefits from platform support Lbank Labs who was involved to make this Play to Win game a real event.

RobotEra feature analysis

RobotEra is a project that develops a metaverse sandbox (or sandbox in French) where players embody robots to rebuild and develop a planet. Players can collect resources from the environment in build allied robots. Players can create anything they imagine in the game, plus enjoy a shared universe where the planets are interconnected between them.

Source: RobotEra

This feature will allow visitors to visit virtual amusement parks, concerts, museums and themed events. Communities of NFTs will be able to settle within the space provided by RobotEra to create, share and exchange. RobotEra aims to provide its users with a metaverse solid that combines entertainment and creation, in addition to a management and strategy aspect.

The world of RobotEra is a dynamic space that uses digital assets and that works thanks to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. It is therefore possible to earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency by playing RobotEra, whose native token is TARO. In addition, RobotEra will benefit from a staking platform built into the project where it will be possible to place TARO tokens, these funds will then make it possible to generate profits.

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Each player embodies a robot and each robot is represented by one NFT associated with it. This NFT can be sold and bought on the market platform built into the project. In total, the Robot NFT collection has 10,000 worlds which will be split between several factions that offer specific trait bonuses. However, it is important to note that the player will not be able to create an NFT bot, but he will be free to customize the latter to his liking.

The gameplay will focus on innovation with a unique combat skill system in combination with a strategic aspect. Players can go on expeditions in search of resources to build and develop their platform which serves as a base of operations. Each continent has its own resources and will create specific bots for different factions.

Note that users who own NFT bots will be eligible to receive one throwing air of land, that is, a land that will provide players with significant bonuses, as well as many resources. An editor will be available for lands in the same way as for bots, and will allow you to customize your avatar as well as the resources available on your land.

RobotEra will continue to develop as the project evolves, new scenarios and events will be added and the editor will also be refined over time.

How to participate in the RobotEra presale?

As mentioned earlier, the RobotEra presale started on Wednesday, November 9th and is divided into 3 stages with for each 90 million of available TARO tokens, out of total 1.8 billion of tokens available for circulation. Note that the TARO sign is a sign ERC-20 and therefore runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Source: RobotEra

As of this writing, Phase 1 of the pre-sale has just started and one TARO token is currently being traded 0.020 USD. Nearly 1.23 million TARO tokens have already been sold in two days. During the transition to the second phase of the presale, this price will change to 0.025 USDT per TARO token.

It is often interesting to invest in a project while it is in the process of starting, because of a potentially much higher return on investment. RobotEra is not only in the pre-sale phase, but has just started, which gives interested investors a certain advantage as the TARO token price will evolve through the pre-sale phases.

During listings on various exchanges, the price of the TARO token will probably increase in the same way as that of tamadoge (TAMA) which posted a return of more than 1,250% between its pre-sale price and its all-time high when it went public OKX.

If you are interested in RobotEra, please feel free to click this connection to participate in the presale as well as to subscribe to I tweet project officer.

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