Ania Mouravnik, a Yerroise game designer in demand from Paris to Miami

Born in Moscow, Ania was able to combine her career with Russian knowledge to develop herself in the world of escape games.

On September 17, the escape game Secret Jeegs welcomed its first customers to Draveil. Pushing open the doors of four different rooms, participants find themselves immersed in a secret laboratory. The premises, those of the old town hall, have been completely transformed for the needs of the escape game. Among the various actors of the project, we find Ania Mouravnik, a game designer from Yerr. It is what is at the origin, among other things, of the development of the scenarios proposed by Secret Jeegs. In early October, she took the time to tell us her story, her connection to Russia, her passion for video games, her experience with escape games and the creation of her companies.

The ship first called in Moscow, Russia, on June 29, 1989. Her parents arrived in France in 1991, when the Soviet bloc collapsed. After spending a few months in Val d’Oise, the family moved to Montgeron, to the Moulin de Senlis. ” It was wet and cold. There were many immigrants from the Soviet bloc“, recalls the 33-year-old. Enrolled in the town’s high school, Ania received her diploma then headed to the capital for her higher education, before returning to Montgeron, summoned by ” greenery“. During her three years of study, she attended ISART Digital, a video game trade school, a subject that fascinates her.

Video games have always been a part of my life“, starts the one who especially likes construction and action. During her third year of study, Ania joined a brand new course offered by her institution: web design. ” It was a mix of design and programming, with HTML, flash games and graphics. »

In December 2014, she discovered escape games in Moscow, where she returns regularly. According to the game designer, the activity took place very quickly on Russian territory. ” Finding a place is very simple, the cost of the game master is low, the rooms are bookable 24 hours a day and the Russians are ahead of electronic programming. The one Ania will participate in won’t skip it, but it will trigger the click. ” He inhaled. The place was not exotic, the puzzles were elementary, there was no music… After her return to France, Ania starts looking for a room. On February 1, 2015, she launched her escape game Team-time in Paris. The place has two rooms, the scenarios are inspired by another Russian escape game, which Ania kept in touch with the team. Success is on the way. ” During the December holidays we were full from 10am to midnight. »

Two companies were created

According to the encounters, missions multiply for Ania. She works increasingly with the Russians from the escape room doctor, who become her suppliers. ” We write the general script, then I translate it into Russian and they set it. They load all the elements on a semi-trailer and it goes to France, Switzerland, Belgium… One of our rooms has just opened in Miami for example! In addition to this script work, Ania supports the manager from A to Z in the launch of his escape game (research of specific premises, installation of decor, furniture, electronics, etc.). In 2021, she joined forces with Arthur Perier to create their company InGame design. ” With this company, we have diversified. We offer virtual reality, treasure hunts, educational games, prevention games… »

Currently, Ania is working on developing a forest escape game, with huts and water elements. The circle seems to be complete for one who, at the age of seven, was already drawing puzzle mazes.

_________________________________________________________________ Did you know?

My field is very broad, it’s just a way to present…”, Ania explained to us. Indeed, after talking with her, we concluded that the game designer’s work is so varied her interventions. Thus, his work can be found in the world of oenology, with the creation of transitory rooms and puzzles around wines. But also in the field of ecology with local authorities seeking to instill greener reflexes in their employees. ” When everything is “gamified”, people are much more interested.


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