2,688 new households in Haute-Vienne will be able to subscribe to fiber in November

2,688 new optical lines go on sale in November. Those residents and businesses will be able to subscribe to fiber with an Internet service provider that is a partner of the public network.

This public fiber optic network, built by DORSAL, operated and marketed by Nouvelle-Aquitaine Very High Speed ​​​​(NATHD) is financed by the Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the Department of Haute-Vienne and the inter-municipal authorities, with the support of the State and the European Union .

46,142 optical lines delivered by DORSAL

In the territory of West Limousin and POL communities of communes, a total of 574 lines distributed in the communes of Saint-Auvent (500 lines), Saint-Laurent-sur-Gorre (43 lines), Vayres (26 lines), Rochechouart (5 lines) have been opened since November 9.

In the territory of Community of communes Val de Vienne397 lines, i.e. as many new homes or businesses, can be connected with fiber in the municipalities of Saint-Martin-le-Vieux (381 lines), Séreilhac (12 lines), Aixe-sur-Vienne (4 lines).

In the territory of communities of the communes of Pays de Nexon-Monts de Chalus and Ouest-Limousin, 322 lines will go on sale on November 22. It will be in the municipalities of Pageas (293 lines), Châlus (1 line) and Champsac (28 lines).

In the territory of Community of municipalities POLthere are 587 lines open in the municipalities of Saint-Victurnien (532 lines) and Saint-Brice-sur-Vienne (46 lines).

Note that 9 lines, located in the municipality of Veyrac (Limoges Métropole), are affected by this commercial opening.

In the territory of Communities of Haut Limousin en Marche and ELAN communes471 lines will open on November 26 in Berneuil (300 lines), Saint-Junien-les-Combes (141 lines), Blond (1 line) and Nantiat (29 lines).

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3 months of waiting

In the territory of Community of communes Haut Limousin en Marche337 lines will be open for sale in La-Croix-sur-Gartempe (180 lines), Saint-Sornin-la-Marche (120 lines), Saint-Ouen-sur-Gartempe (32 lines) and Peyrat-de- Bellac (5 lines).

In Haute-Vienne, 46,142 optical lines will have been delivered by DORSAL since the start of deployment.

After work on a sector is completed, there is a 3-month wait before interested residents can subscribe to a fiber offer while partner internet service providers install their equipment on the public network.

In the rest of the territory, private operator Orange has undertaken to install 173,000 fiber optic lines by 2024.

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