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As the food supplement market continues to grow, mainly online where there are many manufacturers, it is essential to choose healthy compositions without controversial substances. It is also important to turn to expert laboratories, which offer products whose active ingredients have been expertly selected and their dosage studied to allow their optimal assimilation. This is the case with Novoma nutritional supplements, 100% pure, manufactured in France in accordance with the strictest standards.

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2.3 billion euros: this is the turnover realized by the nutritional supplements sector in 2021, in France. An increase of +6%, a record since 2014 that proves the growing interest of the French in natural health products. Consumers who mainly turn to supplements that help regulate stress and sleep, as well as strengthen immunity and vitality. But beware, not all are created equal.

Food supplements: pay attention to their composition

Therefore, nutritional supplements are intended to be taken orally, in the form of tablets, pills, capsules, ampoules, powder or other preparations, there is something for everyone.

Their purpose is to supplement the diet with a concentrate of nutrients with a nutritional or physiological effect. Therefore, they are not medicines intended to cure or prevent a disease, but rather products intended to cure or prevent a disease replenish the body with nutrients necessary for good health.

What do they contain? Vitamins, minerals, plants, traditional ingredients (such as royal jelly), substances whose purpose is therefore nutritional or physiological, flavorings, additives and finally, technological aids (supporting additives).

All these substances must be safe for the human body and listed by the decree of May 9, 2006 regarding nutrients used in the production of food supplements (decree no. 2006-352). As regards plants, fibers and amino acids that can be used in the composition of food supplements, all must be authorized by the competent authority, after consultation with ANSES (French Agency for Health Safety for Food, Work and the Environment).

Therefore, food supplements must meet specific requirements to guarantee consumer protection. However, many purchases of supplements that are made on the Internet, there is a real risk, as the health authorities remind on the subject. Because on the web, this type of product does not necessarily comply with the regulations in force. This is why buyers should remain especially vigilant, analyzing the information about any dietary supplement before purchasing. On the Internet, therefore, there is a real risk of buying a product whose formula may contain, in addition to vitamins and minerals, plant extracts which may prove to be toxic if the dosages and precautions for use are not respected. In addition to this problem of potentially dangerous substances, consumers should also be careful about the dosage of these nutritional supplements. Because, with wrong doses or used in the wrong way, nutritional supplements can have harmful effects on the body.

Finally, nutritional supplements available online in particular are not necessarily all subject to prior scientific evaluation. Indeed, only the distributor is responsible for the compliance of these products with the standards in force, recalls the Ministry of Health and Prevention on its website. This is why, for greater security, consumers should urgently turn to laboratories whose expertise is recognized and the traceability of their products is completely transparent. Such is the case of I’m new (formerly Nutrivita), which since 2012 has been trying to offer natural and healthy food supplements.

Novoma supplements: transparency and French expertise

Passionate about micronutrition and convinced of the interest of nutritional supplements to improve the quality of life, the founders of Novoma could only observe the emergence of a market where the products, sold at high prices, were nevertheless numerous to suffer from the quality of suspicious. That is why, in 2012, they decided to open their own laboratory to develop a series of effective supplements, formulated with the best active ingredients and respecting the physiological needs of the body.

Therefore, in Novoma, the active ingredients are premium to provide a concentration whose effectiveness is truly proven by science. These raw materials meet high requirements in terms of traceability, but also bioavailability, i.e. optimal absorption by the organism. French know-how is also privileged, with the development of supplements within an office in Toulouse, in close collaboration with expert laboratories and partner therapists. Products then manufactured in France, in accordance with French standards for this matter and in strict compliance with safety standards; providing a truly beneficial composition for health.

Novoma nutritional supplements

In addition to this quality requirement, Novoma also ensures total transparency regarding the exact composition of each nutritional supplement. A detailed list of the substances used is available on each product sheet, as well as the relevant certificates of analysis. So Novoma nutritional supplements are free of controversial chemical additives, GMOs, magnesium stearate, but also gluten.

Finally, Novoma supplements are offered at the best possible quality-quantity-price ratio, in order to make premium nutritional supplements accessible to everyone. Products whose dosage has been scrupulously studied to guarantee the effectiveness of the active ingredients, without any risk to health, such as Multivitamin supplement that we were able to test. A complete formula that combines 29 minerals, vitamins and plant extracts, the precise dosage of which makes it possible to meet the body’s daily needs for essential nutrients. Sufficient to regain energy and immunity during periods of fatigue or stress, thanks to a one-month cure that also contributes to good cardiovascular health and cell protection against oxidative stress.

Visit the Novoma website for discover all nutritional supplements and their benefits.

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