What future for the world of video games?

There has never been anything to worry about in the world of video games as it seems to be systematically ready to adapt to new trends and highlight new technologies, either by integrating them directly into games or creating of powerful consoles, such as those of the ninth generation.

The future of video games will once again be scrutinized for a party that has in recent years become one of the the main players of the entertainment world. DNow, the universe of video games is only aimed at a single category of people and among the players there are different castes with different habits and as many desires.

From the introduction of new technologies to the different modes of play that may be the norm in the years to come, what can we expect from the future of the industry?

An exciting future

Cloud gaming as the future

We have just mentioned the changes in the consumer habits of video games as well as the democratization of this entertainment in different generations. Trip Hawkins spoke for him better than anyone a broadcast interview for our care. EA’s founder seemed to understand, as always, the stakes for the future.

According to him, cloud games and accessing your games and games from anywhere sounds like the future of entertainment. Indeed, this habit taken for many work or personal files, only needs to be placed in the habits to revolutionize the habits of leisure time, regardless of where the players are.

The massive introduction of virtual reality

In the late 2010s, many experts announced that the future of the industry lay in virtual reality. SWithout being proven wrong, this revolution did not fall apart, but it still took longer than expected to happen. The main reason lies in the lack of access to VR accessories, which are still extremely expensive.

However, and as several giants in the industry have decided to start manufacturing such devices, this new era should take off quickly.

More and more accessible

More and more accessible

In recent years, many entertainment platforms have already taken a step with this move towards virtual reality. The most convincing example is perhaps that provided by some poker platforms, such as PokerStars. Incorporating great innovation and multiplayer, taking advantage of your best hands for example a straight flush, makes this activity particularly innovative. All in a parallel world made possible thanks to virtual reality, already laying new foundations for the future of online entertainment and across various gaming platforms. A secure future for the industry?

The ever popular Battle Royale mode

Lately, the Battle Royale mode and its various derivatives like the revival mode in Warzone have become a must for many video game publishers. Admittedly, this game mode is particularly dynamic and has proven to be able to bring a sufficient number of players together on servers, sometimes at a lower cost to video game developers.

The aforementioned Warzone hit followed that blew the mind of a franchise like Fortnite which continues to this day, to inspire other developments in this direction. PUBG, Apex, H1Z1, etc. : the examples are so numerous that they are appreciated by the players and of course, other franchises should take the step in the coming months to join these already legendary examples of consoles and other gaming platforms.

It might also be possible to imagine a similar mode in games other than FPS, perhaps within sports simulations! For that matter, the world of video games has never lacked imagination, and between arcade and simulation, the line is sometimes much thinner than you think…

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