Vantiva, the world technology leader in the field of ultra-high-speed Internet connectivity for the home

Vantiva designs, develops and delivers innovative products and solutions that connect consumers worldwide with the content they love. Luis Martinez-Amago, CEO, discusses the company’s latest developments.

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VAntiva has a long history and today opens a new chapter, following the separation last September of the activities of the Technicolor Group into two independent companies, leaders in their markets, so that each has more freedom to pursue its objectives himself.

In an increasingly connected world, Vantiva, a French player with leadership in the United States and more than 2 billion in sales, is a global technology expert in the connected home.

Vantiva’s technology products and solutions enable consumers to have instant, smooth and powerful connectivity and video service (such as Wi-Fi and streaming). ” Thanks to our high-speed Internet gateways and state-of-the-art video boxes, consumers can access the content they want, when they want, and wherever they are. Vantiva also offers solutions that allow individuals to use connected objects, for example for home control, comfort and security. Present in 23 countries, we are a strategic partner for our customers, especially Internet service providers. We are for them a vector of progress and innovation explains Luis Martinez-Amago, CEO. Vantiva has just announced the first demonstration of a Wi-Fi 7 internet box, the next generation Wi-Fi standard that will be the speed equivalent of ethernet cables. The company has also launched an 8-speaker Android TV box – Soundscape – in partnership with JBL and equipped with Dolby Atmos technology which recreates the immersive sound experience of a home cinema.

Become the European champion again

Vantiva has the advantage of being a very old and very young company, thanks to its history and its knowledge from Thomson and Technicolor. With this recognition of the market, the French company wants to once again become the European champion and be a player in the European technological sovereignty. ” It is not normal that we are known in the US and not in Europe. Since the separation of our activities, we have a new impetus to express our freedoms and to go further towards more and more innovation. Our products are essential for our customers, sometimes I would say basic needs. Today, we all need high-speed Internet access and access to new content. Users should be able to take advantage of it in complete security and without exposing their data. To do this, we will continue to innovate for the connected home, which has taken a big place since Covid and the advent of remote working, as we develop our services and technology solutions for the connected business sector. The Internet of Things (IoT) enables industries and businesses to save money, improve safety and strengthen security. says Luis Martinez-Amago. The future, according to Vantiva, is the associated enterprise of improving the efficiency of the site. In today’s hyper-connected environment, network access products will be essential given the accelerating transition to a gigabit economy, the rise of the Internet of Things (“IoT”), services and metaverse networks.

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