The disturbing death of a cryptocurrency pioneer fuels conspiracy theories

Nikolai Mushegian, a brilliant developer considered a pioneer in the world of cryptocurrencies, was found dead on October 28 in Puerto Rico. While police have explained that they are not treating his death as a homicide, a tweet posted shortly before his disappearance has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories.

He was widely considered a pioneer of cryptocurrencies. By the age of 29, he had taken an active part in the development of decentralized finance. But the one who had a bright future ahead of him was found dead on October 28. Nikolai Mushegian was discovered that day on a beach in Puerto Rico, where he lived.

New York Postshows that the American lived in a luxury villa of 6 million dollars in San Juan. His body was found by a surfer around 9am at Ashford Beach, an area considered dangerous due to special currents, so hotels in the area are officially warning residents. When discovered on air, Nikolai Mushegian was wearing his clothes and had his wallet on him.

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His death could have remained a simple tragic accident if his last tweet, published a few hours earlier, had not been the focus of many conspiracy theories. While the local police have announced that they do not consider this death a homicide, the subscribers of this technological genius are sure that it hides a much darker story. “The CIA and Mossad and the pedophile elite are in charge of organized sex trafficking between Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands,” he wrote on October 28, adding that he would soon be trapped and “tortured to death.” He implicated his ex-girlfriend in this tweet, whom he said was a spy. “There are three possible futures for me: 1 – suicide, 2 – becoming a slave to the CIA, 3 – becoming the worst nightmare of the people who have wished me harm so far.”

What will happen after this commercial?

These comments, the latest in a series of many other equally disturbing posts, have caused a lot of backlash in the cryptocurrency community. If for some, they are above all similar to attacks of paranoia, for others, they are proof that the developer has been killed. This is specifically what he wrote Ameen Soleimani on Twitter, head of cryptocurrency Spankchain: “Nikolai is DEAD. I bet he was killed. He was found drowned 4 hours after the most dangerous tweet he ever wrote. He had all year to drown or be attacked, so it’s unlikely his death had anything to do with his tweet.

What will happen after this commercial?

What will happen after this commercial?

“Because Nikolai involved the CIA and the Mossad in all of this, there is no doubt that his murder is connected to the highest authorities,” he continued, before mentioning powerful businessman Jeffrey Epstein, at the head of a big sex traffic, found hanging in prison. “It is a consensus in the crypto community that Mossad was using Epstein to ensnare American politicians and businessmen. And we know he didn’t kill himself and we know who killed him.” As his main argument, Ameen Soleimani takes the popular theory among conspiracy followers that “the pedophile elite can make people disappear “.

On the website Reddit, many users also support this song. “Given the ridiculousness of Epstein’s ‘suicide’, the list of his clients that was never made public, the fact that they were never prosecuted, and all the other corruption we’ve seen since minus the start of 2020, what said Nikolai is perfectly. reliable and reasonable,” wrote one forum user. Even on YouTube, this case is passionate. “This millionaire businessman killed by the CIA and Mossad”, “Trafficking of pedophiles exposed after the death of a crypto-indicator”, are among the videos published recently.

The trail of suicide

However, the relatives of Nikolai Mushegian themselves are skeptical of these accusations. A source quoted by the New York Post described him as a “very, very intelligent” person, but who also had “mental issues” and suffered from paranoia. “He visited a psychiatrist several times. But he did a lot of drugs. Very much,” a source close to the poll quoted the site as saying decode also explained that many elements suggest that he would have committed suicide. After breaking up with his girlfriend (whom he thought was a spy), he would have been increasingly isolated in his home in Puerto Rico, the New York Post continues.

Brock Pierce, a former child actor who starred in the movie “Les Petits Champions” and became a billionaire thanks to cryptocurrencies, told US media that he was initially “very worried” after the death of the man he knew well. But after talking to the 30-year-old’s relatives, he also started to commit suicide. “His mother was clear that his death had nothing to do with his tweets. He was a beautiful man with an innocent heart. He was also an extraordinary visionary, I don’t often call people brilliant, but he was. And sometimes great people are on the verge of madness,” he continued.

Another close friend interviewed by Decrypt revealed that his death could have been avoided, pointing to mental health issues in the crypto community, calling its leaders “brilliant but troubled.” Death hangs over this in particular the memoir of John McAfee, the inventor of the antivirus of the same name, who committed suicide in prison in Spain in 2021. This big name in tech was arrested for tax evasion after incredible legal cases worthy of a spy movie, mixing a murder case , the dark web , drug stories and a yacht run. Minutes after his death, a mysterious photo was posted on his official Instagram account (now unavailable). A “Q” that for some referred to the enigmatic and anonymous leader of QAnon, whose conspiracy theories have spread around the world.

John McAfee poses with a gun in his hand in 2015.

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“Nikolai worked for an incorruptible world”

But beyond his tweets, Nikolai Mushegian was above all a man who wanted to revolutionize finance by making it fairer in the world, explains the New York Post. “Nikolai worked for an incorruptible world, and he wanted there to be a separation of bank and state, just as there is a separation of church and state,” Brock Pierce said. “He thought the world would be better off if central banks couldn’t print money and finance wars.”

Another conspiracy theory claims that the developer was also developing a new decentralized currency that could have upset the states and lead to his assassination. But for Brock Pierce, none of that is true: “Intelligence agencies don’t hunt down crypto pioneers. If the government were to eliminate people from this community, I would know about it.”

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