No internet access: citizens of Domaine Gaudreau angry

The citizens of Domaine Gaudreau, a new sector in development in Saint-Christophe-d’Arthabaska, denounce a situation described as abnormal. Despite several months of procedures, they still do not have access to cable or internet.

Currently, there are almost fifteen families living in this new development between rue Fortin and rue de la Plage-Beauchesne. Eventually, the sector will be enriched with 80 new residences. About 60 lots have found takers to date, says Jonathan Lemire, one of the residents.

He bought his land in December 2021. “One of the promoters tells us that he asked for the services in 2021. When we bought the land, it was clear that the services would be done, that everything had to be ready.” he says.

Jonathan Lemire, who previously lived in the Colonial area, was surprised when he contacted Videotron to inform them of his upcoming move. “They told me that they had no request. I told him when I was making a request,” he says.

Jonathan Lemire has been fighting since May, along with others, to get things moving. “I made phone calls, exchanged emails with Videotron. In August, he said, I was notified that they were waiting for permission from Hydro-Quebec. During this month, a representative crossed the street and took photos of the country. I am then told that an error has occurred and that the steps already taken must be repeated. »

The citizens in question also put the member for Arthabaska in the loop. On November 1, Eric Lefebvre’s political attaché, Pierre-Luc Turgeon, wrote to Jonathan Lemire to let him know that he had spoken with the promoter and then contacted Hydro-Québec, which, he points out, – he should contact Videotron to done by work to make the connections.

“They tell me that they will closely monitor the situation so that the work is done as soon as possible, but we do not have a date to give me”, complains Mr. Lemire.

Essential service

The resident of the new development does not appreciate the answers given to him. “Everyone says they are working on the file, but I can’t be given a date.

We moved in June. Stop, he says. I want dates. I know one of the residents who has to rent space downtown to access the internet so he can work. It is an essential service. »

Jonathan Lemire argues, moreover, that the sector is not located in a remote location. “We are not 500 km from the wire, we are 500 feet. Ahead of us I see the wire,” he rages.

New development welcomes new families, he notes. People who work from home, kids who need internet for schoolwork. “I could understand a delay of two or three months, but I have the impression that we are cheating, that they are not being given enough and that they do not give a damn. This is what I perceive and it seems absurd,” says Jonathan Lemire.

Local residents have created a private Facebook group. Some even entertain the idea of ​​a class action lawsuit to get compensation, says Mr. Lemire, who wants a timetable, even if he doesn’t expect a result this year. “In the end, what I want is to know when it will be done. I have the impression that we are forgetting, he fumes. It’s disappointing because we all moved there for good reasons, a new development, a nice area with a bit more land, rural, but now we find ourselves with all the worries of the countryside. It will be answered. »

The resident says he is not looking for anyone to blame. “I’m just trying to figure out when. I want someone to tell me here are the dates, here is the schedule.

In the area there will be 80 houses inhabited by young families who all need internet. »

At Videotron we highlight several factors that cause the observed delays, while clarifying that it is not the only company that can offer the services in this new development.

Societies, we note, have much to do to connect remote regions at the invitation of the Quebec government. They will face financial penalties if the work is not completed by the end of the year.

Even waiting to get the necessary permits from Hydro-Quebec for pole connections explains the situation.

In this context, no date can be advanced for solving the problem.

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