Marie-Claire issues 85 “committed” NFTs for women

Last month, Marie Claire – a women’s monthly with a global audience of 7.9 million readers – announced an ambitious project to celebrate 85 years of its commitment to women, including the publication of three collector’s issues.

This month, Marie Claire goes even further and innovates by inviting its readers to live 85 extraordinary experiences for the sake of a better world: in total, 85 NFTs will go on sale from November 9 to support women’s rights, education and ecology, a cause dear to Marie Claire.

Marie-Claire, the first magazine to offer “dedicated” NFTs.»

For 85 years, Marie Claire has been able to spend the ages alongside women by surprising them and staying as close as possible to their use. To celebrate all these years, the media brand is investing in Web3 and becoming the first magazine in the world to offer dedicated NFTs.

A total of 85 NFTs will go on sale – at a fixed or auction price from €100 – giving access to 85 extraordinary experiences: an invitation to the next Marine Serre show during Paris Fashion Week, a private tour of Colle Noire of Dior with a rose harvest, an extraordinary dinner in the company of renowned chef Alain Ducasse, a private tour of Mathias Kiss’ workshop at his company, a face-to-face meeting with supermodel Helena Christensen, a stay in Corsica at the Monastery of Pozzo etc.

With this innovation, Marie Claire will also engage its readers in building a better world, as all profits from sales will be donated to three associations2 that resonate with Marie Claire’s values ​​and commitments: women’s rights with Women’s Foundation, education with Vienna. Voir Mon Taf and ecology with the No More Plastic Foundation.

This charity project is made possible thanks to the support of Sézane, a ready-to-wear brand created by Morgane Sézalory, which has also been dedicated to women for 10 years.

“For our anniversary, we want to surprise and engage our entire audience in a unique experience that is meaningful and resonates with our values. By investing in Web3, we also want to demonstrate our desire to continue our digital acceleration, as well as our determination to innovate for the next 85 years. » Gwenaelle Thebault, Deputy General Manager of the Marie Claire group and Editor of Marie Claire

“Marie Claire is very proud to be the first magazine in the world to sell NFT exclusively for charitable purposes and to put the latest technology at the service of causes dear to us: women’s rights, education and ecology. I would like to thank all the partners and brands that have supported us in the realization of this innovative project. » Katell Pouliquen, editorial director of Marie Claire

An immersive digital art gallery to access new experiences

To carry out this initiative, Marie Claire has teamed up with Rosalie Mann from No More Plastic and Sébastien Heimann from The Good Society, one of the world’s most famous charity fundraising platforms.

Together, they have set up a dedicated platform, with the support of the Renaissance agency, which will be directly accessible on its website from today.

Designed as an art gallery, this unique and immersive platform allows visitors to virtually walk through discovering 85 NFT Experiences.

In exchange for each lot, the winning buyer or bidder will receive a Change Maker certificate, in the form of an NFT, representing a limited edition digital artwork. Each of them will receive an e-mail with instructions for recovering NFT and creating their wallet, as well as terms and conditions to benefit from their unique experience. to live in real life “.

This event will be marked by four main points that will reveal the collections:
• November 9: 1 drop with 20 lots
• November 22: 2 drops with 22 lots
• December 6: 3 drops with 20 lots
• December 12: 4 drops with 23 lots

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