Functional rehabilitation in virtual reality

Here is functional rehabilitation in virtual reality to help patients regardless of their motor or cognitive pathology. Compact, lightweight and ultra-portable, this 100% all-in-one software solution Made IN France is connected to very easy-to-wear professional devices developed to support people on their re-education journey and allow them to regain autonomy. The presentation.

Launched in 2021 by Marie-Odile Mckeeney and Bérengère Henrion, H’ability develops virtual reality games designed specifically for motor and/or cognitive rehabilitation after the consequences caused by a strokeor head trauma or any other pathology. With functional rehabilitation in virtual reality, the person regains autonomy faster.

Functional education in virtual reality, how does it work?

Functional rehabilitation, being long and complicated, the possibility of virtual transition allows the patient to immerse himself in a living universe inIN of which he becomes the central character. Next to the patient, the therapist programs and follows the session entirely from his tablet thanks to the piloting platform. Configuring and customizing itINdoes not allow a custom made rehab adapted to the goals and abilities of patients of all ages from 12 years.

it sensory stimulation encourages motivation and leads to self-improvement on a daily basis. The capability optimizes patient care byINwriting very simply in the rehabilitation program of health professionals who can use this technology for pINtherapeutics:

– Re-education of the motor function of the upper limbs,

– Work on general and trunk balance,

– Improving cognitive skills (visual exploration, memory, concentration, etc.),

– The sunINrelieve the patient’s pain and fight against kINeziophobia,

– Facilitating the transfer of knowledge in environments that are difficult to reproduce in structures such as the supermarket,

– Improving patient motivation and engagement,

– Increase the chances of recovery…

Autonomous, high-performance and ultra-lightweight technology

Built-in and ultra-portable, H’ capability does not requireINfixed installation or dedicated room. The solution can be deployed and used very easily in a medical facility, technical platform or in patients’ homes. Very complementary to conventional rehabilitation exercises, this tool INThe hyper-adaptive teractive makes the difference by getting rid of all the sensors and joysticksIN be as easy and accessible as possible for everyone. Thanks to “handtrack” technology.INg”, the patient visualizes aINif mineINs, which reproduce in real time the movements he performs.

Supported by many partners in the medical sector (the Angers University HospitalhoodINs Angers, COS foundation, ARS Grand Est) but also from the startup universe (Technopole de l’Aube, bpi FranceBanque Populaire, Scal Enov, Sopra Steria Foundation, Deloitte Corporate Foundation, Champagne Ardenne Entreprendre Network) and from local authorities (Grand Est Region), the new company received the Pépite des Pépites award in 2022 at Viva Tech 2022.

todayThe capability is already accessible in 5 partner health institutions and aims to develop throughout France and be able to equip patients’ homes withIN to ensure conINsuchINs.

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