Could virtual reality (VR) be the future of video games?

Today, VR or virtual reality is increasingly present in the field of gaming, be it on computers, consoles or smartphones. Could it be the future of video games? ?

In recent years, VR has started to take off always more space in the world of video games. Indeed, in recent decades, many licenses have decided to bet on it. This was for example the case of Resident Evil 4 which, last year, ended up being released in virtual reality… In our time, it is clear that virtual reality has managed to attract both game creatorsthat the players . Therefore, we might wonder, and rightly so, if the future of video games might not be…

Virtual reality: an idea that is not new

The idea ofgo to a virtual world to escape from realityit is nothing new. Actually, in 1957 stage manager Morton Heilighas already imagined a car, to “Sensorama”which was supposed to allow its users to immerse themselves in a imaginary world. IN 1968 , Ivan Sutherlandalso developed one virtual reality headset. In turn, the helmet of this American computer engineer was able to bide his time see different simple shapes superimposed on a real environment . In 1991, a virtual reality headset dedicated to gameswas also born thanks to the company Sega . And that’s without counting the company’s first VR headset nintendowhich appeared in 1995.

The first functional VR headset designed by Ivan Sutherland in 1968

Before the Oculus Rift (virtual reality headset created by Meta Quest, formerly Oculus VR) and PlayStation VR (headset manufactured by Sony) appeared, there were therefore several attempts to taking VR from fiction to reality . And even better since without these efforts, virtual reality glasses as we know them today would probably never have existed. In any case, thanks to advances in technology, augmented reality continues to evolve.It is now developing to the extent that many believe it will be promised a bright futureespecially in industry video games.

Why could VR have a promising future in the world of video games?

If some think that augmented reality will be the future of video games, it is for several reasons. These include, for example, the fact that virtual reality interests more and more gamers today. This is because for gamers, VR has become one of the best ways to do it become fully immersed in a game. It’s also an opportunity for them to live a whole new gaming experience . And besides, more and more of them are asking for more dipping to their favorite songs.

Moreover, virtual reality is a good way for it become more active againfor multiplayer. Indeed, unlike PCs, keyboards or smartphones, it allows its users move a little more. So it’s a good way to do itto improve the health of the players always giving them more pleasure.

In short, for many players, Virtual reality can bring some good things in the gaming world.

A group of gamers with VR headsets

Except this, some game designers sinterest now to this technology.For them, offering VR games is really an opportunity to have a whole new creative ground with more possibilities. And given what has been said before, there is a good chance that their next products will quickly become successful.

Whether for gamers or game creators, VR therefore offers different strengths . That is why, many believe that its future may be radiantin the field of video games. But is it possible that VR will one day be replaced? today’s gaming platforms? Maybe yes maybe no…

Some games will take a few years before they are available in VR

So yes, it cannot be ruled out that in a few years, VR is revolutionizing the world of video games. This will certainly be the case for horror gamesAND RPG (third person games). The same for online poker games. However, it is difficult to imagine that in the near future, all games will fully adapt to this format.

Take the case of the sports game FIFA. What if this game was only available one day in VR? Well, the license would lose some of its fans.

A man playing football in VR mode

The fact is that with one The VR version of FIFA some players would find themselves unable to play because of them physical condition. Others can too to hurt yourself. Besides, it would certainly be necessary match the game level with the physical level of each player, which would be quite complicated, though not impossible

So one thing is certain. Over the next few years, the video game industry will experience many changes. However, it will have to for several yearsbefore all games are fully adapted to VR.

At the moment, it looks like this virtual realitysome games still have a bright future ahead of them.

Good to know:

Not long ago, the Omdia firm conducted an analysis. After that, he then announced that by 2026, the overall public market for virtual reality would weigh up to $16 billion. Also according to Omdia, it is thanks to the metaverse that this market will experience such growth.

The analysis of this firm has also highlighted some interesting figures, especially for the manufacturers of virtual reality headsets. Indeed, according to Omdia, by the end of 2026, VR headset manufacturers (Sony, Meta, Microsoft, HTC, etc.) may manage to sell more than 70 million.

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