an ArtTech technology platform for creators and collectors on the Web3

MINESFrench start-up ArtTech unveiled on October 14, 2022 in Paris its Web3 technology platform designed entirely around the needs of artists and all actors in the creative and cultural industry.

After completing the first fundraising (in seeds) in the amount of 3 million euros last spring, especially with the Fnac Darty group, it is now time for the operational start of this platform which offers creators, collectors and brands all the tools to release their creativity and simplify their access to the possibilities offered by Web3.

A complete, easy-to-use technology suite to democratize Web3 adoption by creators and collectors

For artists, the process of creating NFT has raised many questions and reluctance so far, posing so many obstacles to getting started.

Create a “wallet”, choose the right platform and the right technology, process NFTs, develop smart contracts, determine the rarity and selling prices of a collection, develop and animate communities on Discord… Minteed now offers all these functions in one single, reliable and easy-to-use platform, a complete Web3-as-a-Service solution to organize your collections and benefit from the accompanying services:

  • No Blockchain knowledge required;
  • Simplified entry requirements and Gas charges (transaction costs) very low;
  • An easy and scalable “smart contract” deployment to sell works and ensure their authenticity;
  • Management, monitoring and transparency of generated income;
  • Fast and intuitive creation of NFTs (resalable on other markets);
  • An economic model based on: highly favorable revenue sharing for artists (after NFTs have been purchased by collectors); and hybrid where Minteed applies a SaaS revenue model and on-demand “tool” solutions to galleries, brands and cultural institutions.

Promote meetings between artists and collectors thanks to Rangut Mint

On the collector’s side, Minteed has developed an artificial intelligence algorithm called Mint Rank. This recommendation tool makes it possible to discover the best creations such as the next “blue chip”, these NFT star collections. With an already abundant artistic offering on the Web3, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find your way and invest in the finest collections. With its recommendation features and algorithm, Minteed thus helps discover creators so they can meet their audience of collectors.

Minteed also offers a generator of Digital Galleries and Metaverse for all cultural actors: cultural institutions, artists, rights holders, collectors, galleries and also brands that want to explore the Web3.

A powerful Web3 ecosystem in the service of artistic creativity

Minteed has chosen to build its platform based on Tezos technology, a third generation public Blockchain based on proof of stake, and above all one of the most carbon neutral and consumes very little energy. Minteed surrounds itself with a technological ecosystem made up of expert and well-known companies in the blockchain world such as Smart-Chain, Inside app, Nomadic Labs or Functori for auditing smart contracts.

Eric Loréal, Chief Product and Strategy Officer – Co-Founder: Web3 is not an ideology, it is first and foremost a technology. Our desire is to create the best tools for artists, brands and cultural institutions, staying true to our values ​​of autonomy, kindness and decentralization. This is why we are surrounded by the best partners in Web3: with Tezos, which brings together the largest community around art and culture, but also with the teams of Nomadic Labs and Smart-Chain who bring us their expertise and their Web3 vision. »

Diane Drubay, Head of Arts and Culture, TZ Connect/Tezos : “At Tezos, we are committed to identifying and supporting innovative Web3 builders. We are delighted to see the launch of Minteed, this new NFT platform dedicated to the arts and culture community. Its three founders are known for their combined expertise in Blockchain, artistic creation and digital entrepreneurship. It was clear to us to accompany them in this ambition to create a new way to connect art lovers and artists on the Web3 using sustainable technology. »

This text is a press release. Do your research and only invest money you can afford to lose.

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