10 proposals for a French and European vision of the Metaverse

The Metaverse promises to bring major plugs to many sectors. Because they will be able to contribute to the democratization of new forms of cultural expression and means of creation on the Internet, they represent an undeniable opportunity.

With an engagement letter dated February 14, 2022, the Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery, the Minister of Culture and the Secretary of State for Digital Transition and Electronic Communications, had wished the implementation of an exploratory mission for the development of the metaverse. From avatars to digital twins, from crypto-assets to headphones virtual reality, the development of the metaverse is a huge possibility. As virtual world projects proliferate, the terms used refer to different uses, technologies, players and issues. Therefore, the mission on the metaverse sought to provide the keys to understanding to clarify the debate, to grasp the emerging opportunities, to better understand the risks posed by the metaverse and to unite French actors around a common horizon.

With this in mind, more than 80 personalities were consulted: virtual reality and blockchain entrepreneurs, cultural actors, artists, video game professionals, researchers in social sciences, artificial intelligence and computer science. Through this first report on this topic, the co-missioners formulate a series of proposals and call to bring together experts, private and public actors, researchers and citizens to discuss them.

10 proposals

Ten levers of action aimed at the development ofinfrastructure technology, supportinnovationfocusing on uses, orchestrating regulations and taking social and environmental issues into account.

  • Take advantage of the metaverse to regain leadership positions in global digital services, in France and on the European continent
  • Start now the work of adapting European texts (RGDP, Digital Services Act, Digital Markets Act) to the challenges of the metaverse
  • Develop a rigorous analysis of metaverse value chains in order to best target strategic investment areas and limit the risks of loss of sovereignty or value leakage
  • Take the opportunity of organizing the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris to unite French players from the metaverse around concrete projects, especially in terms of culture, territorial expansion and heritage
  • Encourage public authorities to highlight common and essential services that allow the arrival of a multitude of interoperable metaverses
  • Use public procurement to meet the objectives of cultural and technological sovereignty by supporting hybrid connections between French technological structures and cultural institutions
  • Reinvest the bodies for negotiating technical standards, to ensure that France and key French players actively participate in discussions on the interoperability of diving technologies
  • Support interdisciplinary research initiatives to simultaneously develop experimental metaverses driven by societal needs (culture, health, education, environment) and tools to assess their socio-technical risks through empirical studies
  • Create a research and coordination institute, modeled after Ircam, which would be both a computer research laboratory dedicated to immersive arts, a place of coordination between researchers and artists for the creation of innovative immersive works in the metaverse, and a one-stop shop of expertise for all . cultural institutions in question
  • Explore eco-responsible solutions and develop a system for measuring the environmental impact of Metaverse infrastructure.

The ecosystem that will enable the metaverse

Cloud infrastructure, connectivity or payments, these are all important aspects of the ecosystem that will enable the metaverse. Advanced computing capabilities of CSPs will also be important to the metaverse; Advanced computing capacity will be required to make metaverse experiences immersive and real-time. Allowing the metaverse economy to function as shown in the chart below potentially puts communications service providers in a strong position!

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