Which Free Wi-Fi Repeater Internet Box to Choose?

If you live in a small house you may not have the problem, but if you have a one story house then you may have already encountered this problem… of course we are talking about losing Wi-Fi signal in one or more rooms of your home. To compensate for this loss of connection, it is often necessary to connect a wifi repeater and connect to his internet box so that it broadcasts the Wi-Fi signal throughout the house.

Good news, some carriers in the market offer a free Wi-Fi repeater in some of their internet deals. So which one should you choose?

Livebox Up: Orange’s mid-range box with Wi-Fi 6 repeater

Let’s start with Orange. The emblematic operator of the telecom market offers two Internet offers with Wi-Fi repeaters: Livebox Up and Livebox Max. But we’re going to focus this selection on the Livebox Up, which is less expensive than its big sister, the Livebox Max.

First compatible with the Wi-Fi 5 standard, Livebox Up becomes a Wi-Fi 6 box thanks to the Wi-Fi repeater included in the offer. So with me Livebox Upyou will have two choices: either connect the Wi-Fi repeater to the Livebox Up and therefore transform the modem into a Wi-Fi 6 modem. Or place the repeater in another room and therefore repeat Wi-Fi 5. If you want to skip a problem of spreading the connection in your home, we advise you to install it in another room to repeat the Wi-Fi 5 connection, which is powerful enough for daily use.

As a reminder, orange box offered at €29.99/month the first year, then €49.99/month and includes:

  • A fiber connection up to 2 Gb/s shared,
  • The connection of fibers involved,
  • 140 TV channels with Ultra HD 4K decoder,
  • Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in mainland France, Europe, overseas departments, USA and Canada.

Bbox Ultym, up to two Wi-Fi repeaters included in Bouygues Telecom

With its high-end offering, Bouygues Telecom is more generous with up to two Wi-Fi repeaters included. Why “up”? Simply because of the number of Wi-Fi repeaters included in the offer Ultimate box depends on the Wi-Fi diagnostics. Accessible in the Bouygues Telecom Customer Area application or from Customer Service, it allows you to determine the status of Wi-Fi distribution in your home.

Like the Orange Box, Bouygues Telecom box offered at the price of €29.99/month the first year then €50.99/month. She begins:

  • A fiber connection up to 2 Gb/s,
  • A 50GB mini 4G box on demand,
  • More than 180 channels on the Bbox 4K HDR TV decoder,
  • Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France/Europe/Switzerland and to landlines in more than 110 countries.

Freebox Pop: Free’s all-terrain box with a free repeater

Let’s finish this selection with Free, which offers two internet deals with repeaters included: Freebox Pop and Freebox Delta. But Freebox Delta being the premium box, i.e. the operator’s most expensive box, we are focusing here on Freebox Popmore affordable.

When you subscribe to Freebox Pop, you can request a Wi-Fi repeater, Wi-Fi Pop Repeater. His two greatest qualities? Its automatic installation and his automatic selection of the best frequency band.

For €29.99/month the first year then €39.99/month, free box includes:

  • A fiber connection up to 5 Gb/s,
  • More than 220 TV channels in Player Pop,
  • Canal+ series included for 12 months,
  • Calls to mobiles in metropolitan France, overseas departments and landlines in more than 110 destinations.

At SFR, it is also possible to take advantage of one or more free Wi-Fi repeaters. For that, you’ll need to turn to the Power or Premium boxes.

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