Restarting France’s cybersecurity component, a first assessment

According to the senatorial information report by Mr. Serge Babary and Mrs. Françoise Gatel, made on behalf of the delegation to businesses and the delegation to local authorities, in 2020 almost 30% of local authorities were victims of a Ransomware. 1 according to a study by Clusif 2. This year, the number of cyber attacks against local authorities increased by 50% compared to 2019 3.

On September 3, 2020, the government launched a national recovery plan to steadily restore the economy. With a fund of 136 million euros specifically dedicated to cyber security and managed by the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI), the France Relance plan aims to strengthen the level of cyber security of administrations, communities and organizations serving citizens. energizing the French industrial ecosystem.

ANSSI has established two service offers: a security system aimed at co-financing cyber security projects and courses on existing information systems and financial and methodological support for the creation of cyber incident response teams (CSIRT).

France Relance’s cyber security component mainly targets local authorities, which require urgent and sustained reinforcement from the state.

2021, the year of the launch of “cyber security courses”

France Relance Cyber ​​Security Activity Report 2021 discusses the objectives of this investment of 136 million euros. The aim is to significantly increase the level of digital security of the state and public services, contribute to the strengthening of the French cyber security industrial structure and create a leverage effect leading to sustainable investments in cyber security.

Mainly targeting players vulnerable to low-level cyber attacks, support has been created in the form of integrated cyber security courses. Highly modular, it can be adapted to more mature entities that wish to have a security assessment of their information systems and support to achieve a level of protection adapted to the challenges and the level of threat to which they are exposed.

ANSSI has launched a call for expressions of interest to identify cyber security service providers who declare themselves capable of field intervention. Thus, 496 service providers have been identified, making possible the widespread deployment of cyber security courses and the provision of quality services to all beneficiaries. As of December 31, 2021, 54 service providers were present along with the beneficiaries.

Evaluation of the first year of deployment of France Relaunch’s cyber security component


After the experimental phase, the device went into the operational phase. Thus, EUR 43.5 million was effectively committed to serve the beneficiaries until December 31, 2021 for 140 courses set up.

of the city of Agen @@@@@2022 #Territoired’ExcellenceNumérique has thus participated in a process of strengthening its IT security. According to her, “this course will make it possible to set up a business continuity and recovery plan in case of a cyber attack and strengthen the security of the so-called “sensitive” or “critical” data (finances, marital status, etc.) . .). It constitutes a commitment of several years and results in the implementation of corrective, technical and organizational actions, but also in awareness seminars for agents on this topic”.

This course, for which the community has been selected, consists of two phases. The first step is to conduct a cyber security audit and define an action plan. This audit is fully subsidized by ANSSI. The second step will consist of increasing the security level of their current technical base by following the audit recommendations. This step is co-financed by ANSSI and the community.

Faced with the resurgence of attacks targeting public services, the local authority launched an audit in August 2022 to assess the level of maturity of its infrastructures and systems in terms of cyber security. It will establish a series of priority measures according to the degree of urgency to take corrective action.

Outlook for 2022, monitoring new projects and offers

After many course launches in 2021, the challenge for 2022 is to finalize this support with the help of the network of service providers and thus concretely strengthen the cyber security of the beneficiaries.

To take advantage of the possibility of multiplication offered by certain structures capable of massively distributing products to public entities, new systems have been established, such as obtaining shared licenses for certain products or applications. Bug bounty campaigns allow people to be rewarded for finding vulnerabilities in software deployed with public players.

  1. Ransomware is a malicious program or virus that blocks access to a computer or its files and requires the victim to pay a ransom to regain access. Some of these attacks sometimes just aim to damage the victim’s system to make it suffer operational losses and damage its image.

    Le Clusif is the reference association for digital security in France.


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