NFT, blockchain, Web 3.0… FIFA is completely overhauling its approach to video games

News about games NFT, blockchain, Web 3.0… FIFA is completely overhauling its approach to video games

FIFA 23 has been available for just over a month and is the latest title from EA to be called one. The deal between the publisher and FIFA has not been renewed, and Electronic Arts has already registered the EA Sports FC brand for next year.

EA and FIFA: return to division after almost 3 decades of cooperation

The rift between FIFA and EA has was announced in Mayafter several weeks of rumors and statements full of tension from both sides. International Federation would have required nearly a billion dollars so that EA can continue to use the FIFA license, which the publisher would have refused, convinced to remain reference also the name change:

After nearly 30 years of creating genre-defining interactive soccer experiences, we’re about to begin an exciting new era. Next year, EA SPORTS FC will become the future of EA SPORTS football. Alongside our more than 300 licensed sports partners, we are ready to take global football experiences to new heights, on behalf of all football fans everywhere.

On his side, Gianni Infantino, president of FIFAput his feet in the pot making it known very formally that “The only authentic and real game bearing the FIFA name will be the best available for football players and fans.” He even added that he assured that:

The FIFA name is the only global and original title. FIFA 23, FIFA 24, FIFA 25 and FIFA 26, and so on – the constant is the name of FIFA and it will remain forever and remain the BEST. The interactive gaming and esports industry is on a path of unprecedented growth and diversification. FIFA’s strategy is to ensure that we can make the most of all future options and provide a wide range of products and opportunities for players, fans, member associations and partners.

FIFA, Blockchain and NFT: official games are betting on Web3

NFT, blockchain, Web 3.0... FIFA is completely overhauling its approach to video games

It’s been known since May that a first non-EA experience would be themed around the World Cup in Qatar, followed by new games and interactive experiences. Today FIFA has announced that it has given a number of licenses for specialized Web3 companies, which will spawn 4 games in the metaverse and blockchain:

  • AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition
  • FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 – Upland Metaverse, (Upland blockchain)
  • Match Day Challenge: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition
  • FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in Phygtl

IN FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 – Upland Metaverseplayers will be able to collect “official digital resources” of the World Cup, but also outstanding video extracts of competition. The next game will be Phytgl, which will allow players a golden virtual balloon risesand from “possess a piece”. For FIFA, it’s a way to perpetuate fan participation in the project.

Altered State Machine – AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition will provide an amazing experience. Two AI-controlled teams of four players will compete against each otherand players will be able to influence the match with “Fun and tactical” options.. Characters can definitely be collected and traded. Finally, the Matchday Challenge: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition takes the form of a “Social prediction game based on football cards” where you can play against your friends. In its statement, FIFA said:

(All of these projects are designed with Web 3.0 and the future of digital engagement in mind. This is a hugely exciting set of partnerships we’ve entered into as we embrace a new digital native football fan and engage with them in the spaces we know that they are already active. As we continue to build our long-term games strategy, Web 3.0 will certainly have an important role to play and this marks the beginning of our journey, says FIFA Chief Commercial Officer Romy Gai.

At the moment the reactions are few, but FIFA takes a very different route here from what has been followed so far. However, the federation has not yet made an announcement on this developing a direct competitor for the future EA Sports FC. Currently, FIFA will develop its license at the interactive level, for now, through very specific experiments based on metaverses, NFTs and Blockchain.

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