Internet and TV maximum 40 euros/month, it is already possible

from 2024, more than half a million Belgians living in poverty – those who already benefit from the social tariff for gas and electricity will receive COMMUNICATIONS informing them that they can go to a point of sale of their telecom operator. to, They will be able to automatically change their online subscription to the new social tariff at a maximum price of 19 euros/month.

For families who prefer a combined offer internet connection and digital televisionthese will be able to benefit a social fee of 40 euros/monthand this instead of an amount usually around 60 euros.

That being said, it is now possible to have such an offer for such a price or at a lower price. Currently, this is the case with Scarlett with its Trio offer at 40 euros/month.

This includes an unlimited internet connection (with download speed up to 50 Mbps), digital TV but also landline telephony (with unlimited calls from landline to landline in the evening and on weekends). If the last option doesn’t interest you, just don’t connect a phone. However, from 1er January 2023, the price of this offer will increase to 42 euros/month.

For 40 euros/month there is also the Standard offer from Tadaam (this operator is a spin-off of Telenet, editor’s note). It includes unlimited internet (up to 30 Mbps), Internet TV that you can watch on your connected TV or using the Android box provided with your mobile modem. Indeed, this operator only uses mobile technology to provide you with its services.

This means that installation is relatively simple and does not require the intervention of a technician at any time. Simply plug the modem and the Android TV box – which includes the Tadaam TV app by default and lets you download many other apps – into a power outlet. All that’s left is to connect this box to your TV and you’re done.

Otherwise, there are no installation and activation fees to pay on Tadaam. However, at the time of writing, these rates (€149) are currently on offer until the end of the year at Scarlet.

TV app

If Internet TV doesn’t scare you, you can also combine a single internet connection with Telesat’s TV Light application (9.95 euros/month). In order not to exceed the bar of 40 euros, it would be necessary to find an Internet connection whose monthly price does not exceed 30 euros.

You can also combine a single internet connection with Telesat’s TV Light app.

This is the case of the offer Poco de Scarlet (23 euros/month) which offers a download speed of up to 30 Mbps. But be careful, the download volume is limited to 50 GB. In Proximus, this volume is limited to 100 GB per month, with a speed of up to 50 Mbps, depending on 25 euros/month. This is the offer Essential Internet. If you prefer unlimited internet volume, there is VDSL XS (25.95 euros/month) from Edpnet (up to 20 Mbps).

For its part, Telenet can provide a fixed Internet connection for 10 euros/month. This includes a volume of 150 GB and allows you to surf at a speed of up to 30 Mbps. It Telenet Essential Internet Ten.

This offer is intended for individuals or families in a financially insecure situation. “So you can’t become a customer only if you are affiliated with a CPAS or another social organization with which Telenet has partnered and if according to this organization you qualify”, according to the operator.

Please note, Telenet Essential Internet cannot be combined with the social charge for an internet product or package. But he can be combined with the social charge for a television product (digital TV or cable TV) or telephone (landline or mobile).

How to benefit from the social fee?

Currently, Belgium already gives needy people a social charge for their fixed internet connection or phone bill. These people correspond with beneficiaries of the minimum integration incometo 65 and above (provided that the total taxable income of the family does not exceed a certain amount determined by INAMI), impaired hearing and having suffered laryngectomy and finally, for him blind soldier of war.

However, the granting of the social fee is not automatic. Interested persons should take the steps themselves with their telecom operator.

As the case may be, a discount on landline connection is offered (50% of the normal rate). The rest are basically monthly reductions. For an internet subscription, landline or bundled offer, this discount reaches 40% with a ceiling of 8.40 euros.. for communicationdecrease reaches to 3.10 euros/monthi.e. a maximum of 11.50 euros/month.

Your operator may not offer the social charge. Indeed, only operators whose turnover exceeds 50 million euros are required to pay the social fee. This is the case for Base, Orange, Proximus, Scarlet, Telenet and VOO. However, “operators whose turnover is less than this amount, can, if they wish, after a declaration to BIPT, give the social fee”, says BIPT.

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