How cloud, AI and data will shape the customer relationship of tomorrow (Argus / SAS study)

Insurers rely on three drivers of transformation to imagine a new customer experience. But there are still many challenges to overcome at the technological and organizational level, according to a study by L’Argus de l’assurance / SAS.

Send a photo of water damage and get instant payment, order a tow truck through an app and find the nearest repairman, deploy a natural language voice server to guide the customer by phone or even set a completion prediction result … These use cases for digitizing customer relations all have one thing in common: they are currently being discussed or are being implemented in the digital transformation or information systems departments of several French insurers. These proofs of concept (POCs) fuel a common ambition, that of designing the famous seamless, simple and fluid customer journey. A design that no player in the sector has yet perfected, but which would allow, with the acceptance of key stakeholders, to achieve the absolute Holy Grail of customer satisfaction. To achieve this, insurers will need to capitalize on the three levers of their digital transformation: data collection and improvement, cloud migration and automation thanks to artificial intelligence. These are the main conclusions drawn from the qualitative study carried out by Infopro Digital studies for L’Argus de l’assurance and SAS. The authors of the study collected and used information from about ten interviews with marketing directors, transformation directors, chief data officers (CDOs) and CIOs.

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And the least we can say is that there is still a long way to go to provide this optimal customer experience. “We are far ahead of other sectors in the digital transformation of customer relationships. For example, we haven’t yet had the turn of chat, web 3.0, virtual reality outlets or instant relationships leveraged like WhatsApp…”, observes a survey. A latecomer compared to other sectors such as retail or e-commerce, which quickly adapted to the immediate demands of their customers. “Customers are demanding more and more immediacy: Amazon or Ikea have changed their mentality, we want everything, immediately and we know where our demands are “, this marketing director emphasizes.

A short-term demand that insurance must accommodate, whose customer relationship is based more on intensity than frequency. Simple on paper, more complex to implement as this shift involves jobs, organizations, tools, IS… At this point, the answers are very different. Selected excerpts from the interviewed profiles: We can’t imagine a player not being omnichannel tomorrow, he would be taking big risks”; “We choose a channel, we have to stick to it. The customer experience is less good if you switch from one channel to another: you lose the customer! » ; “I do not believe in the total disappearance of physical agencies as others may believe”; “Claims management is the least digitized to date, there is a lot to do! »…

To achieve these levels, insurers have initiated several transformation projects, the first, the main and the most sensitive of which remains that of data: source, classification, selection, cleaning, reconciliation, storage and recovery. All managed in one organization and by proper governance. ” We have considerable efforts to decide to repatriate the data to the same country”. observed one respondent. Only by taking this step will insurers be able to consider the acceleration of AI and automation. “ We are at the beginning of history. »

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