Gymcorsu: the new online platform of the University of Corte to learn the Corsican language

Yesterday, the University of Corsica officially presented the new online platform for learning the Corsican language. Instinctive, modern and intelligent, Gymcorsu is now accessible to everyone. With finance. Except for students.

Learn to speak and write Croatian from your smartphone, computer or tablet, at your own pace and with 15 minutes of work a day? This is what the University of Corsica offers thanks to the new Gymcorsu web platform. Officially launched yesterday, this new tool has actually been around since 2021. It was reserved for university students only, but it has never lost sight of its primary goal: to make lane learning accessible to everyone thanks to the tools digital. “This does not diminish the importance of face-to-face learning“, warns the president of the university, Dominique Federici. No, Gymcorsu is not there to replace the Corsican teachers, the ones who shaped it. There are a dozen teachers who have worked on pedagogical development in collaboration with informatics from the university and using the Gymglish model .

Everyone has their own rhythm

The French platform has proven itself by teaching one of the four languages ​​already offered to more than five million users since its creation in 2004. Today, it opens its doors to the Corsican language by allowing the university to use its image, presentation and above all its technology: adaptive learning. “Depending on the answers and the level of each user, the platform then adapts the lesson by going back to the weak points for example.“, develops Julien Angelini, lecturer in Information and Communication Sciences (SIC) He is at work to explain how the website works.

After a quick registration using an email address, the candidate selects the language variety in which they wish to work. Pumuntincu or cismunticu. Then the lesson begins. Fifteen minutes is sufficient on average, but does not constitute a qualifying period. Several multiple-choice questions follow each other about audio recordings or texts. Conjugation and grammar exercises complete the lesson. After validation, the result and corrections are displayed almost immediately with explanations to better learn from your mistakes.

At Gymcorsu 3

The intended user is not the beginner, but the passive speaker. One that already has some basics. A total of 50 lessons are available and are divided into two levels. The first 25 for the Gymcorsu 1 session lasting a maximum of six months. Even less for the most talented. The other half constitutes the Gymcorsu 2 session during the same period. Upon arrival, the user “can claim a B2 certification level in the Corsican language. But be careful, going to the end of Gymcorsu 2 does not give certification, you have to pass the university exam but it allows you to prepare as well as possible for it.“, warns Julien Angelini. Already mandatory last year for more than 2000 first-year university students at the University of Corsica, Gymcorsu 2 makes it possible to go to the next level and accompany students for three years of university is. already yes works on Gymcorsu 3 which will have even more advanced content.

A paid service

If the idea of ​​its creators is to facilitate and generalize the learning of the lane to the largest number, the maneuver is not cheap. For six months of lessons, a user will have to pay 126 euros after two free lessons as a test. About 220 euros for one year and both levels. The platform is also aimed at companies and institutions that wish to train their staff. “The aim is to contribute to the growth of Chorsophony in the island society. And this also includes the use of new technologies“, concludes Dominique Verdoni, university professor of Corsican language and culture and president of the limited academic council of the University of Corsica. The platform is available through search engines, the university’s website and already has its own social networks.G“In the form of a comic bubble connected to a stylized mora testa? The logo created by the Pichjuellu company is not misleading. You have come to the right place.

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