Eutelsat signs deal with Nigerian internet service provider Tizeti

This partnership aims to bridge the digital divide in Nigeria through a satellite broadband solution for local communities

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Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL), a leading satellite operator, has just signed an agreement with Tizeti, a pioneer in West Africa of internet provided through solar terminals and a leading player in the market of internet solutions in the destination of local communities. in order to contribute together to a better coverage of the Nigerian territory with broadband, especially in the less served regions. On the sidelines of AfricaCom 2022, the two companies announced that they are preparing to deploy Konnect, Eutelsat’s KA-band satellite service, to bring fast and affordable internet services to isolated communities spread across the territory.

Although the country’s broadband coverage stands at 44.5% thanks mainly to mobile network operators, only a few states have reliable internet access. The partnership between Tizeti and Eutelsat offers a complementary solution based on satellite broadband infrastructure and Wi-Fi service management platform for communities developed by Tizeti to set up a network of Wi-Fi access points, fast and affordable, especially in remote areas not easily. accessible by terrestrial broadband infrastructure.

Philippe Baudrier, CEO of Eutelsat responsible for connectivity for Africa, said: Eutelsat’s ambition is to provide 1 million underserved people in sub-Saharan Africa with broadband access over the next five years. The partnership with Tizeti will help reduce the digital divide in Nigeria and take advantage of the many opportunities for economic and social development offered by the Internet.. »

Discussing the partnership, Kendall Ananyi, CEO of Tizeti, added that satellite broadband would complement Tizeti’s existing initiatives and help lay the foundations for a strong and thriving digital ecosystem across Nigeria. ” Our partnership with Eutelsat is an extension of our mission to bring affordable and reliable internet access to more Nigerians, enabling us to accelerate the deployment of satellite broadband, thereby bridging the digital divide and accelerating the transition to digital for more Nigerians. Kendall Ananyi said.

The success of Konnect’s Community Wi-Fi initiative (Konnect Wi-Fi) is already visible across Africa, where every week hundreds of sites provide internet access to tens of thousands of individuals.

In many African countries, the digital divide is still so pronounced. This dividing line between connected and unconnected populations has obvious implications for employment, education, family and social life, and access to information. Partnerships such as the one we have just entered into make an important contribution to addressing digital infrastructure deficits in developing economies using technology and innovation capabilities, with the aim of driving economic development for millions of Africans.

About Tizet

Tizeti is a fast-growing wireless Internet provider based in Lagos, Nigeria, offering individuals and businesses unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi access through an extensive network of Wi-Fi hotspots. Its services are spread across Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Edo and Rivers states. The company is also rapidly expanding its activities in other African countries, as evidenced by the success of several service launches in Accra and Tema in Ghana. To learn more about Tizet, go to

About Connect

Konnect is the Eutelsat Group entity responsible for retailing a new generation of very high speed satellite services. As its implementation accelerates, Konnect meets the connectivity expectations of populations that live and/or work outside the geographic boundaries of fiber optics, offering them access to an instantly available service with ultra-fast offerings of up to 100 Mbps, unlimited and competitive. To learn more about konnect offers, see

About Eutelsat Communications:

Founded in 1977, Eutelsat Communications is one of the world’s largest satellite operators. Thanks to its worldwide fleet of satellites and its terrestrial infrastructure, Eutelsat enables its customers in the Video, Data, Government Services and Fixed and Mobile Connections sectors to create efficient connections with their customers, wherever they are. Eutelsat broadcasts around 7,000 channels, operated by the largest television groups, reaching an audience of more than one billion viewers equipped for satellite reception or connected to terrestrial networks. Placing sustainable development in all its dimensions at the heart of its activities, Eutelsat puts its satellite resources at the service of reducing the digital divide, committed to maintaining a safe and clean space environment. An attractive and responsible employer, Eutelsat relies on 1,200 employees from 50 countries who are committed on a daily basis to providing the best quality of service.

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