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Metavers and web3 are widely presented as the new big evolution of the Internet that will strongly contribute to the development of companies in the years to come. But the company that would like to be interested in it soon finds itself submerged under a flood of abstruse terms: digital twins, virtual reality, augmented reality, NFT, gamification, avatars… It may even believe itself designed in science fiction full. , in huge hologram and teleport shots! How to navigate and make good use of these new technologies to fully integrate the “Age of the Metaverse”?

Metaverse: what is it?

The metaverse can be thought of as a extension or a evolution more or less deep of a website built in 2D technology. This then becomes a 3D page in whole or in part, providing additional functionalities that allow the world of business to connect with other similar sites. It is also possible to present highly interactive and immersive experienceas in a video game: using avatars, creating extraordinary places that can be visited in virtual reality, creating digital twins of products for industrial applications or to showcase them in order to create new customer experiences, participation in interactive virtual commerce. fairs and conferences, creating exceptional events to promote your brand at the desired time and reaching a very large audience…

What applications for companies?

Professional applications of the metaverse – we hereafter speak of the “B2B Metaverse” or the “corporate metaverse” – include three main application families:

  • Applications that open for new interactive experiences internally or with partners: create and work with digital twins, organize interactive meetings… This type of application is evolving very quickly and is gradually offering new ways to increase employee productivity at a time when information is highly digitized and remote work has developed a lot.
  • Commercially oriented applications, allowing in particular the creation of new customer experiences, the promotion of its brand in exhibitions located in the metaverse, to socialize, to increase knowledge of the ecosystem and its evolutions, as well as to find partners (by advanced matchmaking). The power of AI-powered tools brings greater efficiency at lower cost.
  • Finally, applications that facilitate business transactions and authentication, such as those that make it possible to secure contracts from the blockchain, generate and manage NFTs or use cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, this development also affects business transactions. With the rapid development of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, these will indeed be able ensure their exchanges AND formalize their relationship using blockchain, via smart contracts ; transform their digital products into NFTs to validate and sell them; or use cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

Specifically: how to get started?

Faced with the many avenues opened up by Metaverse, the business manager may wonder where to start and, above all, how to start a Metaverse project without getting involved in heavy and costly development.

A reasonable approach is that go step by step: start by participating in events organized in an existing B2B metaverse, renting a stand (a few tens of euros are enough); or even joining a professional event program on Metaverse and creating your own animations there. Thus, teams will be able to gradually familiarize themselves with these new technologies and understand how to best use them.

These first experiences make it possible to evolve towards a universe and applications more dedicated to the specific needs of a company. But before starting big projects, it is better to experiment: the Metavers platforms available on the market allow you to take the first steps and develop your strategy gradually.

B2B Metavers: essential to ensure its sustainability

The world of tomorrow will increasingly rely on these new technologies that take advantage of the power of 3D and artificial intelligence. A company that takes this step-by-step approach gives itself the best chance to prepare for this evolution. It is also a way for him to attract young people and motivate them; to create new modern and attractive content; promote its brand and get an additional sales channel. Undeniable advantages for durability over time.

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