earn money just by walking, is it really possible?

Like most investors, I first got interested in cryptocurrencies with the goal of making a few pennies. I came to the market at the end of 2017, when Bitcoin hit $20,000 for the first time, hoping to grow my savings. But unlike my fellow investors at the time, I had a hard time issuing a ticket to buy crypto.

Like many savers, I was extremely risk averse. Simply put, I had a hard time investing money to generate profit in return. In order to recover cryptocurrencies without risking the loss of euros, I started looking for alternative solutions to traditional investments.

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Earn cryptos without investing money

First, I invested some of my savings in credit solutions. On platforms like Crypto.com or Binance, it is possible to immobilize stablecoins, coins whose price is stable and collect profits. It is just like bank interest, although the rates offered are more attractive. During the course of last year’s growth, some services were able to gain more than 10% in some cryptocurrencies. Despite the drop, rates remain well above bank rates. It is clearly more dangerous.

At the same time, I continued to look for other solutions to earn cryptocurrencies without losing euros. I was particularly interested in the trend of Play to win (“Play to win” in French). Based on the blockchain, these video games offer to earn crypto-assets by playing. Despite good discoveries, like Axie Infinity, I didn’t connect with blockchain games. I was rather looking for a solution that was more passive than active.

Movement to gain trend

That’s when I heard about Move to win (“Move to win” in French) a sports variant of Play to win. Specifically, these apps reward their users in cryptocurrencies according to the steps recorded through their smartphone. The more you walk, the more digital assets you’ll collect! These apps also aim to encourage physical exercise.


During the explosion in the value of cryptocurrencies last year, some users earned astronomical sums thanks to it Move to win. One application has managed to attract Internet users interested in crypto, StepN. On Twitter, some users claimed to raise thousands of euros just by walking or running. It’s tempting, isn’t it?

Obligatory barrier NFT

After installing the StepN app, I was quickly disappointed. Because to be able to collect cryptocurrencies while walking, you have to invest first. The app forces users to buy… a virtual shoe in the shape of aa non-fungible token (NFT) on the blockchain.

Also, the prices were quite high. It took several hundred euros to get a digital basketball. Of course, it all depended on the price of cryptocurrencies at the time of purchase. Despite this setback, I’ve long considered taking the plunge and investing in a sneaker. After all, many Internet users managed to pay off their investment within a few weeks by walking or running.

On Twitter, I even came across a plethora of investors who drew up dedicated repayment plans from StepN. The objective of these plans was to quickly generate enough cash to recoup the initial stake. Once this is done, the user can start earning profits. As part of these strategies, it was enough to consider the price of the selected basketball and the price of the cryptocurrencies offered (GST/GMT). The user thus discovered the number of steps he had to take each day to be reimbursed.

As expected, the user benefit finally crashed as the crypto market entered a new bearish phase. Suddenly, dizzying yields turned to dust. I had missed the point.

I started looking for other apps of this type Move to win. In the wake of StepN, many projects had appeared. Unfortunately, purchasing an NFT acted as a barrier to entry in many applications. This is for example the case of Fitmint or Step, clones of StepN.

dust land runner
dust land runner

Note that some apps use video game codes, with missions to complete and challenges given by the community. If you are tempted, we advise you Dust Runner. Often, these apps suffer from a messy interface and a bunch of unnecessary features. For my part, I was looking for simplicity.

Applications without initial investment

I finally came across Move to win well-designed, simple and don’t require buying a pair of virtual sneakers. This is the case of SweatCoina project that existed long before the trend was born.


Like StepN, SweatCoin rewards its users based on steps taken. Initially, the app rewarded its users with a token that could be exchanged for goods or services. An online store allows you to buy products or get discounts for others. The project was not about crypto or blockchain.

Facing the rise of cryptocurrencies, SweatCoin teams launched their own cryptocurrency, Sweat, in September 2022. All tokens earned by users can be converted into Sweat through a dedicated app, Sweat Wallet. In this digital wallet, you can earn interest by locking your Sweats for a certain period. At the same time, it is always possible to exchange your earnings for items or discounts.

Don’t expect to make a fortune collecting sweats, even if you run for a few hours every day. We are far from the returns offered by StepN. However, your income allows you to participate in contests, the prizes of which are sometimes attractive. The app offers for example to win more than 12,000 USDT, or 12,000 dollars.


Finally, I also discovered an app that allows you to earn Bitcoins directly, sMiles. Very basic, it rewards you with satoshis, the smallest fraction of Bitcoin, based on your steps. You can easily transfer your earnings to an external wallet. Again, don’t expect a fortune. In a week, sMiles earns me an average of 50 satoshi, or… 0.00988 euros.

As you will have realised, it really is possible to earn some money just by walking. However, you will not reap a fortune in cryptocurrencies. Magic money does not exist, despite what some would have us believe.

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