Celestia crypto: a new paradigm

Updated on November 09, 2022 at 12:45 p.m.

Crypto Celestia, long awaited for several months, is among the most promising projects for 2023.

The project is attracting a lot of attention and excitement, given what it promises to bring Web3.

Birth of Celestia

Celestia is a modular network i consensus and data, built into the SDK architecture Cosmos and in Tendermint.

Designed to allow anyone to easily set their own blockchain zero knowledge and optimistic summaries with minimal overhead.

Its role is simply to become the foundation of Layer 1 and even Layer 2 for the entire blockchain ecosystem.

In this way, it allows blockchains to focus on their execution and specialization knowing that Celestia Crypto takes care of the infrastructure part.

They start from the observation that most blockchains start from scratch in terms of infrastructure instead of focusing on their specialization.

Therefore, the development of a chain remains very difficult to operate in this way.

Celestia improves the scalability of blockchain sharing the three essential functions of a blockchain :

  • of consensus it is how everyone on the network agrees on the transactions that have taken place, thus listing the transactions in a history.
  • The execution function, which consists of determining which of these transactions are valid and updated in the chain
  • Availability of transaction data for verifier nodes.

To do this, Celestia breaks the blocks into more specialized components.

Each function is divided into a sub, to get consensus on the one hand and execution on the other:

Architecture of monolithic and modular chains

In contrast, in monolithic chains, the set of validators executes each transaction.

Essential functions of a blockchainexecution and consensusrun concurrently and enforced by the same set of verifiers.

In modular blockchains, a node verifies only a fragment of the procedure.

This requires very little power, opening up the possibility for phones to become nodes.

Components of the Celestia Crypto blockchain

Celestia defines itself as “cloud computing Web3 “.

Indeed, it allows users to launch Dapps in chains that share the same layer of consensus.

Thanks to the network CosmosCelestia benefits from the interoperability of this chain.

Indeed, as the network is built Cosmosbenefits from the advantages of its infrastructure: being secure, flexible and less expensive than the rest of the clusters

Infrastructure comparison between monolithic and modular chains

The chain consists of three types of network nodes:

Storage nodes that hold node data consensusand send a copy to the light nodes

Light nodes that are also network users fulfill several missions.

They can secure the network, then process and send transactions to the nodes consensus.

They also receive data from storage nodes in exchange for payment.

Also, the joints of consensus get the transactions, condense all these transactions in the form of a block.

Finally, after the storage is finished, the partition data is transferred to the storage node.

To ensure that a block is fully valid, nodes download and process all transactions in a single block.

Processing operations require a high node capacity, which means that the network can only scale when new nodes join it.

The long-awaited guide

After closing the fundraising of 55 million dollarsfrom highly reputable investment funds such as Jump Crypto and Balaji.

Celestia Crypto will launch its “incentive” program in early 2023:

Celestia’s Guide

Currently on the Testnet, called “Mamaki Testnet”, users will be able to lend money for the game in order to possibly qualify for a potential throwing air.

This tool will prompt users to run a node of consensus.

As for their sign, there are a few things floating around about it.

The Celestia Token can be used for deployment and delegation, earning rewards.

Also, it will be used to pay for the publication of the data and its availability on blockchain.

The future is surely in modular blocks, of which Celestia is a part.

With their optimized technology that emphasizes the decentralization and scalability of each chain, projects will become more efficient and competitive.

technologies blockchain offer a multitude of possibilities and, regardless of bear market, continue to evolve to build tomorrow’s economy. To be a part of it, don’t hesitate anymore and start training and strategizing now with Crypto Rider.

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