blockchain to follow in 2023?

Updated October 27, 2022 at 9:32 am.

Tezos crypto is one blockchain very popular that is rarely talked about negatively.

Thanks to its developing capacities and strong structure, it is part of the most important networks in the world. cryptocurrencies. However, is it a good investment for 2023?

Crypto Tezos: popular and promising blockchain

Tezos is in many ways a blockchain PROMISING. His qualities make him a network away from any controversy and play in his favor its growing popularity.

The project was officially launched in 2018 by a French team or ICOs record collecting 230 million dollars. At the time, it was the second largest ICOs Of history.

Then, Tezos was quickly established as a blockchain and one cryptocurrency important for the ecosystem. This status even gave him the title of serious competitor against Ethereum.

The founders of Tezos crypto have noticed network vulnerabilities Bitcoin as the hard problem forkingexcessive energy consumption PoW,ETC.

So they developed a mechanism to resolve these limits and proposed an ultra-scalable network so that facilitate the work of developers Dapps in its ecosystem.

These promises are facilitated by the structure itself blockchain based on consensus e Proof of stake Liquid which includes the work of “Bakers”, the equivalent of validators. Bakers undertake to validate transactions and contribute to the security of Tezos.

These are addressed standing up from at least 8,000 XTZ (mother’s sign of Tezos) to perform their duty and ensure the proper functioning of blockchain.

They also participate in the evolution of the network thanks to a structured system of governancesimplified and open to all bakers.

This optimized mode of governance represents the very essence of the evolutionary aspect desired by Tezos.

Depending on how it works, each reviewer may submit development proposals or changes. These are then subjected to several stages of voting which determine their approval or not.

The steps for validating a proposal are spread over a defined period of about 22 days, i.e. 8 cycles. A cycle represents a duration of 2 days, 20h and 16min.

This allows that blockchain to consider a major or minor self-evolution every month according to a collective decision.

To encourage bakers to propose quality changes, they receive symbolic rewards XTZ when they are adopted and implemented in the network.

This new system in networks blockchain contributes a lot to its popularity Tezos crypto.

What advantages does the crypto Tezos offer?

This growing popularity is also fueled by the countless qualities that this network has.

First of all, Tezos claims to be one of the first blockchains to address the energy consumption they require.

By adopting one consensus e Proof of stake Liquid, the network prides itself on being It consumes 2000 times less energy only one blockchain like Bitcoin.

So, from this point of view, Tezos has two very distinct advantages:

At a time when energy sources are debated around the world, Tezos offers a green alternative to technologies blockchain.

This increases its popularity among investors and neophytes who are reluctant to invest in crypto, such as Bitcoin.

Tezos crypto uses a system of standing up delegate allowing bakers with insufficient funds for ituse delegate arguments.

The latter are in most cases individuals with few marks or uninitiated users in the working techniques of a baker.

of standing up IN Tezos makes it possible on the one hand to strengthen the security of the network but also to initiate a redistribution of XTZ created.

Thus, at the end of each cycle (every 2 days 20 hours and 16 minutes), bakers and delegates distribute a portion of the generated tokens. Currently, Annual April of standing up tez reached 5.34%.

For developers, Tezos has an advantage of its own: it allowsthe use of several programming languages for smart contracts.

Indeed, it takes into account languages ​​such as Michelson, SmartPy and LIGO. it thus improving the developer experience and uses blockchain Tezos more accessible.

mechanically, Dapps and protocols Challenges waited on Tezos tend to better quality and an advanced creative range.

They also receive the most important security. This represents a guarantee of quality and a certain advantage for the users of these applications.

Security is also a key issue for Tezos WHO suffers very little revenge. This makes it one of the most secure blockchains to date.

What future for Tezos blockchain in 2023?

All these advantages work in its favor Tezos and to the future is certainly positive.

Tezos rely first on a relatively aggressive marketing strategy. It uses a strategy comparable to big exchanges like FTX and

The latter develop their market share by participation in sporting events and signature some partnerships in this sector.

For several years, Tezos acts in the same way and multiplies partnerships in the world of sports and e-sports. Manchester United, F1 RedBull and Team Vitality are part of the teams that display the name of blockchain as the main sponsor.

Similarly, collaborations, such as those with Ubisoft AND gaprain all around Tezos.

it visibility adds popular value to this blockchain which already has a relatively strong community of fans.

Tezos shows some more reliability. It provides support to institutions wishing to set up their own MNBC (Digital currency of the Central Bank).

Indeed, in 2020, Bank of France related to Societe Generale conduct their research the development of MNBC on the network Tezos in collaboration with the project team.

At a time when most countries want to enter the digital currency race, Tezos therefore it can be part of preferential networks for this purpose.

There are no shortage of projects for Tezos which recently launched its first side chain Marigold.

He is also working on a “Privacy” project. which will make possible the transition to anonymity of all desired transactions. This evolution must use the proof of zero knowledge (zk-SNARK).

The governance system should also see improvements in the coming months.

Tezos that’s why or blockchain serious with great potential.

His sign XTZvictim of bear market, currently does not reveal the capabilities of the network it is native to. However, this network is often cited as an example.

Even if he is still far from being dethroned Ethereum, Tezos can quickly become one of the most prominent platforms in the crypto universe. This would allow him mark to reveal its full potential and begin rapid growth.

technologies blockchain offer a multitude of possibilities and, regardless of bear market, continue to evolve to build tomorrow’s economy. To be a part of it, don’t hesitate anymore and start training and strategizing now with Crypto Rider.

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