a federal website launched this wednesday to give you great money saving tips!

Are citizens making enough effort?

There are many Belgians who make big and small efforts. And it all makes a big difference. If everyone does it at the European level, it lowers the price overall. Therefore we must continue to support all Belgians! The benefit is twofold: there is individual benefit with the savings made on one’s bill, but also collective benefit with a positive effect on the climate.

Does the climate crisis somehow serve the energy crisis?

Today there is no competition between the two crises. We will get out of both, together.

This Wednesday is a general strike. Among the complaints is the blocking of energy prices. It doesn’t seem to be progressing…

At the Belgian level, we have intervened with billions of euros to support people’s energy bills: there is the social charge and various bonuses. For an average family, the support is 2000 euros per family. But the problem must be tackled at source, with a European-level limit.

Indeed, Alexander De Croo hoped that Europe’s “energy” measures, including a cap on price fluctuations, would be implemented before mid-November. does it go

Not as fast as I had hoped. Yesterday (Monday) we had another meeting with the European Commission and various member states. We are waiting for a concrete proposal from the Commission for the next council on November 24.

You are attending COP27. What are your hopes?

In 2015, we had the Paris agreement taken by all countries to jointly limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. But not everyone has a path to get there. Therefore, we must continue to negotiate so that all countries, together, manage to establish policies that are consistent with this objective.

When will you be there?

I will leave on Saturday to be there on Sunday. There is a special day dedicated to energy. And as I said, the climate crisis and the energy crisis will be solved together. There is huge investment in renewable energy here in Belgium with the construction of wind turbines in the North Sea to produce electricity for every Belgian household. Renewable energies are the way out of the crisis.

Interview by Sabrina Berhin

The Internet is a veritable box of tips for reducing energy consumption. Almost as big as Marie Poppins bag. And from this Wednesday, a completely revamped site launches from the FPS Public Health climate service. Its advantage? It compiles on a single platform 115 scientific tips with each time an indication of the potential profit (up to 500 kWh) and the cost (from €0 to more than €10,000).

Of course, the greater the impact, the higher the cost. The single tips that have the biggest impact and cost nothing are the ones that invite you to sign up for a green electricity contract. “It doesn’t cost more”, reminds the site. “Nothing is easier: a few clicks on the web or a simple paper form are enough to make the transition (free). Here, the impact will not be felt in your wallet, but in the climate. Because the site, promoting smart consumption, pursues a double objective: “It is good for the climate and it is good for the climate”, sums up the office of the Minister of Energy, Tinne Van der Straeten.

The site can also support you in purchasing new equipment. Therefore you will find advice to make the best choice according to your needs. And, for the rest, the site offers advice on behavior and usage.

The content of the site is extensive. And personalized: you can actually complete your profile and use different tools that will allow you to calculate your potential savings, both in terms of your portfolio but also in terms of CO2 emissions.

In this way, the government hopes to encourage the Belgians to continue their efforts. Now they are paying attention to the reduction of consumption and the bill”, the minister’s office emphasizes. “According to Elias, electricity consumption fell by 9.6% in October compared to a normal period. According to ENTSOG, gas consumption has fallen by nearly 30%, excluding the impact of mild temperatures this fall. »


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