A 16th submarine internet cable is anchored in Marseille

Its connection to the landing station in the domain of The great seaport of Marseille (GPMM) took place in a few hours on November 6 under the auspices ofAlcatel Submarine Networks (ASN). But it was on Nov. 8, inside Digital Realty’s (formerly Interxion) MRS3 data center, that the full potential of this submarine cable from 45,000 kilometers containing 16 pairs of optical fibers were presented by the actors of the project. And they are many to believe as they must contribute to end it Marseille in the top 5 global internet hubs (she is 7e today).

“95% of international data and digital content traffic goes through submarine cables,” he explains Cynthia Perrett, director of the 2Africa cable program at Meta, on behalf of a consortium that includes China Mobile International, Meta, MTN GlobalConnect, Orange STC, Telecom Egypt, Vodafone and WIOCC. This is the longest cable project ever undertaken as it will connect 33 countries between Africa, Asia and Europe. »

A new construction site for Interxion in Marseille

Change the game with this submarine internet cable

Its capacity will be 180 terabits/secondan asset that is difficult to appreciate when you are not an expert, but Fabrice CoquioDigital Realty senior vice president and president of Digital Reality France, identifies all characteristics. ” This cable will be a game changer for connecting Africa. Marseille is becoming one of the gateways with this first major port neutral landing station, he explains. There are internet cables with a capacity of 4.5, 6 or 8 terabits. There, we are in multiples of 100. As long as there is no efficient connection, there can be no operators and users. This cable is a key infrastructure for the development of digital uses and services in all African countries. “.

“Hyperlink”: submarine cables at the service of the attractiveness of Aix-Marseille Provence?

Commissioning will be done in stages: The Eastern Mediterranean will be connected in the course of 1er semester 2023, West in 1er semester 2024. Connected to 46 landing stations, the cable will have connections as far as India and Pakistan, Madagascar, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates or Great Britain… It encircles the whole of Africa. The investment amount, perhaps staggering, but shared, was not disclosed by any of the consortium members present. ” Cables are carried by operators to bring connections to end users, but the business model varies by company and country on a case-by-case basis. ” simply defined Cynthia Perret.

Dare to go back to Africa

ABOUT Frederic Dagnetchief of staff of the GPMM, “ the port demonstrates its ability to manage all types of flows in complete security, logistical, energy, financial and digital. Our goal is to always optimize our services to make them wealth creators for the territory. “. For Isabelle Campagnola-Savon, President of the Commission of Enterprises-Crafts and Trade-Social and Economic Solidarity and Circular Economy of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region, ” Africa is an unimaginable development opportunity with the digital boom. It’s a sudden increase for regional companies that turn to this continent “.

Marseille’s expansion into international data flows will not stop “, as indicated by Fabrice Coquio, who recently commissioned the MRS4 data center, still in port. ” Six more cables are planned soon, these will still be new capacities “.

The APL Data Center bets on the development of Marseille

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