what are the new web3 tools?

With the explosion of Web3, the classic tools we use to work (Zoom, Linkedin, etc.) have found their alternatives in a decentralized version. What are these new solutions?

The new digital CV

Web3 can make the traditional CV forget about a new digital identity that summarizes in a certified way your experience and your completed projects. Soulbound tokens are non-transferable NFTs that represent your digital identity and accomplishments on the Web3. Crypto wallets (eg MetaMask) whose primary role was to secure token holdings or serve as art galleries with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are seeing their role expand to bank account status. They will also offer even more features like digital resumes. It will become much easier to verify credentials. It is even conceivable that automatic hiring becomes possible if a candidate’s portfolio holds the required credentials. Those who are used to looking for a job on LinkedIn can find in Kleoverse, a new relay in the search for a job on the Web3. Indeed, the start-up allows the candidate to create a professional identity thanks to the blockchain. It uses NFT to visualize an individual’s proof of Web3 talent based on the projects they have completed with DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). Kleoverse makes it possible to demonstrate, in an irrefutable way, the authenticity and quality of its work, especially with blockchain-certified skill badges.

Independent platforms

This concept of digital identity finds its full meaning in the field of freelancers. The number of people working as freelancers, coders or designers is growing rapidly. Companies must select the best talent to meet their needs. Independent platforms like Malt or Le Hibou may experience new competition with protagonists like Braintrust, which claims to be “the first decentralized talent network”. Born on the blockchain, the company operates as a technological cooperative where all freelancers who sell their service own a part of the platform and become decision makers The 10% commission on the customer invoice is used to pay the operating costs of the network Braintrust has created a separate token, BTRST. Freelancers can redeem tokens for special benefits created exclusively for them, such as free and discounted software and other benefits for their work. Tokens can be earned by inviting talent or other employers to the network.

Distance dating

Workers who have learned to use Zoom during Covid will be able to choose Huddle01 which allows for one-click meeting initiation, the creation of token-protected discussion spaces, the use of NFT avatars and decentralized storage. This decentralized Zoom can be part of the new uses of Web3. For its part, Google plans to launch Project Starline, its holographic video chat project, which comes in the form of a video call booth using 3D imaging, high-resolution cameras and custom depth sensors to create an experience realistic. for workers on both sides of the screen without the need for a helmet. According to Techcrunch, by the end of the year, Google intends to test its device under real conditions in the offices of various companies, including Salesforce.

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